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The difference one year makes...

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Weighing in on the Equal Marriage Plebiscite...

Now, aside from the argument that this plebiscite is a colossal waste of money that could be directed at far more worthy issues - it is happening, by high court order, and so the debate has raged for a number of days now.

I heard this morning that there is an increased demand of mental health helplines. An increase of demand to the point of having to put on more staff. I'm sure the Government will now claim they have created more jobs *massive eye roll*.

I fall on the side of the 'yes' vote. I believe in equal rights that do not harm other people. As far as I can see, enshrining same-sex marriage in the law will not harm other people. It will not take away the right of heterosexual couples to get married. It will not affect freedom of expression of religious bodies, and as long as businesses can prove a direct link to religious bodies, it will not affect their choice to provide service to same-sex couples.

Having a personal opinion about same-sex couples will not change th…

Public transport and common courtesy...

My main source of transport is public transport. Sure, Dave has a license now, and we have a relatively new and reliable car, but Dave can't drive me to work or home again.

So, I take two trains and a bus twice a day. Some days I also travel elsewhere for work and then it is more trains and more buses, and what I simply cannot wrap my brain around is the lack of courtesy of some commuters.

For the most part public transport commuters tend to cooperate with each other, understanding that the smooth flow of travel requires people to be considerate and courteous. Others either don't travel by public transport very often or simply don't give a shit.

Two things, in particular, annoy me - 'annoy' is likely an understatement as I far too often consider homicide. The first is people who choose to stand right at the card scanner before retrieving their card from their bag - mostly this is women, but sometimes men.

Seriously? You can't think ahead? I know 7.20am is not a…

I'm being published in TEXT!

The paper my colleague and I submitted to the call-out for the special edition on poetry for TEXT (an A-ranked writing journal) has been accepted! The process has taken quite a while with us submitting a proposal ten or eleven months ago, and then submitting the paper in April (or was it May, I forget). Finally, tho, the word came through yesterday that our paper will be published, and with that the seminal peer reviewed article in English (possibly in any language, I don't know) addressing the difference between prose poetry and flash fiction. I'm proud as punch as there are very few journal articles about flash fiction in the English speaking world, this one being one of a very, very small number doing something other than defining the form. Of the papers I have been able to find (and I've done a lot of hunting, a lot!), I'm the first to have my name on more than one paper. Perhaps other researchers aren't interested enough in the form to do more than one paper, …

Did I tell you I've finally finished decluttering?

That is to say, as much as I'm going to for the time being.

At this very point in time, there isn't anything in our house that we don't either need or absolutely love - and even the things we love have been kept to a minimum, to the OMG! I cannot get rid of this, kind of level.

There is always, obviously, more that can be done, in that it is now in a state of maintenance, but the big bits, the 'mission' is done. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with my weekends now. Here are a few photos.

Bryn isn't wholly impressed. He said, in absolute disgust, the other night, 'This room is too empty!' He was referring to the lounge room/dining room area where we've purged the room of four large pieces of furniture, and a long rubber runner we'd put down so Harlem wouldn't slip on the floor when he was recovering from surgery on his leg.

There is a big open space in the room. A great swath of floor is visible now, but it is refreshing an…

All things publishing...

So, my book is now all official-like and everything. The launch went well, we filled the shop - okay, the shop wasn't particularly big, but still. Besides Dave and the boys, I had a bunch of friends from work and life. I made a speech - of which I remember very little. I answered a few questions, which I remember even less of, and of course, I signed books. I think signing a queue of books was probably the most fun. I tried to write something a bit meaningful. I really hate receiving a signature which just says something like, 'To Sif, X'. It's so perfunctory and leaves me a little cold considering I bought the book and stood in line for however long. Mind you, I realise if you're somewhat more famous than me - which would really take nothing at all - and have to sign a hundred or more books, you might get a bit bored by it all.

In other news. I submitted a paper proposal for a peer reviewed paper on Friday. If that is accepted and the paper reviews well and is pub…

Book launch tonight!

It's here!

The day my book is going to be launched!

Man, it's been a long time coming. I've been published several times before in anthologies, and have been to launches of those books, but this is different.

This is MY BOOK. All mine with my name (and photo) on the cover.

As the battery on my laptop is about to die and I don't have my charger on me, I'm going to keep this brief.

The details (again):

6.30pm at Readings Kids, at 315 Lygon Street, in Carlton - TONIGHT.

Be there or be square peoples!