Thursday, January 26, 2006

Australia Day

Well, it's been a funny Australia Day, stinking hot (as you might expect) with a massive storm just before dinner that caused several shorts and lost me the first draft of the above layout, LOL (always remember to back up!!!)...

Thought I'd do a quite sum up of what I think of when thinking of what being Australian means to me...

My most potent thoughts relate back to my childhood in Whyalla, back then I felt Australian, since then I have felt that way, possibly because I live overseas for all of my teen years and then some...

What is essential Australia for me:

  • Days so hot you can't go outside
  • The smell of rain on hot cement at the end of days so hot you can't go outside
  • The sound of thunder that rolls in and out without a drop of rain for four years
  • Long dusty drives through salt bush to "go visit Nanna and Grandad" after Christmas
  • Stirring up the red dust on a Kawasaki on the weekend with mum and dad
  • Wagon Wheels melting in your hand as you eat
  • Vegemite sandwiches for school lunch
  • Carols by candlelight on a 28 degree evening in shorts and sandals
  • Sausages cooked over a camp fire in the back yard
  • The penetrating sound of Cicadas at night
  • Magpies warbling at first light
  • Banana Paddlepop icecreams
  • The smell of school uniforms dried in the sun
  • Apricots in the backyard from the overhanging tree belonging to Mrs Rogers next door
  • Melamine Skippy plates
  • Twisties
  • Icecream on the foreshore
  • Floating in the sea in an innertube
  • Looking for trapdoor spider in an empty lot

Tonight for dinner we had panfried chicken (in herbs and spices) sliced and served with salad, the kids loved it...

AND I found out my mum's youngest sister, my Aunty Helga, who is 5 years older is having her third baby in two months time, so I'll have a new cousin 6-7 months younger than my youngest! Icelanders don't talk about pregnancy, and so while I've talked to all my family over there a lot in the past 7 months, it was only an errant comment that let slip that Helga is due soon...


Leah said...

love your list, made me smile :)

katef said...

Oh someone's being playing with layer styles! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I love your list as well. Banana Paddlepops. For sure.

Anonymous said...

What a neat layout!! :)

Good Job!