Monday, January 16, 2006


Gee, you know I love the guy, but sometimes he drives me spare. He is set to get a redundancy soon, and will then be out of work. As he sees it, his options are to; a) find another job pdq, b) go on some sort of Centrelink payment and then look for work, c) get into a NEIS program and try to get his small publishing idea off the ground.

Now, part of him just wants to take a break from it all. Work this part year or more has been pretty stressful. The thing is, he'll be 48 in a couple of months, and well, if he doesn't work for a while, it won't help him when he tries to get a job later on. If he does the NEIS program but isn't 100% invested in getting a business up and running, then he'll end up spending a year basically passing time (which I don't think he is particularly opposed to), and end up with this big hole in his resume.

If he DOES want to get a business going, he just has to reconcile himself with the truth that it will be lots of hard work, with probably little or not return in the short term.

He keeps going on about his obligations, to me and the boys, and whether starting a new business is compatible with meeting those obligations. As I see it, I will support him completely if he really wants to give the business a go, but I will not be the reason he doesn't try to fulfill his dreams, and I won't let the children be that reason either.

So, basically, either he admits he isn't motivated enough in and of himself, or he gets on with trying to get the business up and running. We can't be his reason for opting out. Anyway, he is thinking of seeking out a life coach, but I think he is hoping the life coach will tell him what to do, whereas my understanding is that they help you apply strategies for working out, for yourself, what you want to do, and how to make it happen...

Ok, enough about Dave...

What else? Oh, I did a bad thing and weighed myself today - simply because I was at the shopping centre and I don't know when I'll get back there this week. Anyway, weighed 98.4kg, so down another 600gr since last Thursday. I can't believe how easy this has been so far! I really show incorporate some sort of exercise, but I don't want to do too much at once and then quit because it's all too much, LOL...

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Leah said...

Good on you Sif - for both having the courage to stand behind Dave or just stand outta his way if he wants to try his hand at his business AND for the good going on yr efforts for your weight :D

*high five* :)

Good Job!