Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Emerging personality

Just in the last few weeks, Bryn's personlity has really started to make itself known. It shows me just how "sleepy" he was as an infant. I have always told other parents that when their children suddenly stops falling asleep as easily, or staying asleep as easily around 4 months of age it is because they are beginning to "wake up" to the world. With Erik and Luey this was a fairly self-evident phenomenon, in that they were both fairly characteristically infant-like in their first 4 months or so... Erik was looking around the room and interacting from a young age, but still had a lot of "infantness" about him, being floppy and whatnot.

Luey was the classic "infant", obviously very insular in the early months, he didn't sleep a lot, but still had that "I'm not really aware of the world around me" look until about four months of age. Bryn has been quite different.

From about 2 months of age, he seemed quite awake to the world, interested in everything going on around him, loved company, interacted with the boys and so on. I thought he left infanthood back in October. I also thought he was so very laid back and easy going, LOL! In recent weeks (since about New Years) he has really begun to emerge from infanthood though and his personality has really blossomed, and well, hmmm, he's not quite as laid back or easy going as I previously thought.

In fact, Bryn has quite a short fuse, LOL (even shorter than Luey's and that is saying something)... He's interesting actually (well, to this mum anyway), in that he can be quite content just watching the world go by, but it totally has to be on his terms. If he's in a laid back sort of mood, he can sit for hours (literally) just observing the world with this sage expression on his face.

HOWEVER, if he is wanting to do something, and he is thwarted, watch out world! We've already seen glimpses of full blown tantrums because he dropped a toy he was trying to manipulate - WHOA!

I've been observing him closely these last few days and it seems to me that his mind is WAAAAY ahead of his physical capabilities (as is true with all kids), and teamed with his short temper, he can be his own worst enemy, LOL (fancy saying that about a five month old), in that he gets himself all wound up if he can't do what he wants to do on the first try, and then of course, because he is all wound up he has even less chance of achieving his goal the second time around.

Two main areas of development are frustrating him atm. First of all, grasping things. He can grasp with his fingers, if only he can get his hands to where he needs them, but that is the challenge. I see him focusing on something with his eyes, then swinging his arm in that direction to get his hand at the item he wants, but usually he'll swing to hard and miss or knock the item out of the way, so then he tries to compensate by swinging harder the second time, gaining momentum with each swinging and getting more and more frustrated...

The other area is mobility. He desperately wants to crawl, and has figured out pushing off with his toes, but can't seem to co-ordinate his arms to pull himself forward, so usually he just ends up with his bum up and face down, so he pushes harder and harder with his toes and gets more and more frustrated...

Geez, I can't decide if he reminds me of me, or of Dave, we're both like this in our own way, and well it looks like poor Bryn inherited a double dose of blind determination combined with dogged persitence that often doesn't take the time to re-evaluate the situation and come at it from a different direction...

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