Friday, January 20, 2006

They grow up sooo fast!

My babies just keep growing and growing, and I'm at loss to explain how this seems to happen faster and faster with each child...

Here's Bryn sitting in the "back position" in my sling last night while I helped Dave make burritos for dinner (yeah, that's me looking a bit unglamourous - hey, I have a cold, give me a break!)... Now, "they" (the big sling gurus in the sky) don't recommend putting babies in the back position until they about 12 months old. Luey was about 9 months old when I start him in that position, and Bryn is only a tiny 5 months old (not that you'd guess it, looking at him, had a young mum tell me at the bank today that her 7 month old is the same size as him - and that baby was 8.5lbs at birth, so no preemie)...

Bryn is very stable, and seemed quite happy back there for 1/2 hour or so... It's good in a way that he is able to be carried on my back already because he weighs about 8.8kg now, and is a bit of a lump to be carrying out front, and he's also long in the torso, so gets in the way of my arm when on my hip... But he's growing up sooo fast, my little Buddha!

My other baby is getting to be such a big boy, too... Here his is with Dadda, just about an hour ago, reading "Where is the Green Sheep" by the wonderful Mem Fox (CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK HIGHLY ENOUGH!!!)... By reading, I mean, he recited every page to Dave - Erik started memorising books at the age of two, and had "Slinky Malinky" by Lynley Dodd (another GREAT book), down pat by about 3... Luey didn't seem to be that into memorising books, but today he knew this book off by heart - that's the first big step to real reading. My beautiful boy! And look how much he enjoyed the book, too!


Dee said...

What gorgeous boys :)
Wow Bryn is getting so big!

I must get those books, I recall you recommending 'green sheep' before :)

Dee said...

Oh forgot to say, that sling is GORGEOUS, love the colours.

Good Job!