Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day Out with Mike

Dave and I took the boys into the city today, and met my brother so he could give Dave some disks of his work for publication. We took the boys to the park down by the river - Art Play, or something, it's called... I don't know about other people's kids, but well, it only took our boys about 30 minutes to get completely bored with the park and begin venturing over to the river. I'd like to think this is just because they're extremely intelligent and therefore not satisfied with a playground for too long (once they've checked everything out, they're bored with it), but truth be told I just think they're highly attracted to water!

All the same, it was good to meet with Mike. He's now officially "working for the dole", and as it turns out, it isn't a bad thing, LOL... Previously, he has worked in factory settings, in warehouses. By nature, he's an artist, so not only does he find it really difficult to adhere to the 7-4/5 days a week routine of working in a factory, but it isn't making the most of his innate abilities.

Well, having been on the dole for what, a year (? is that how long it is before they make you do WFTD???), he now has to volunteer somewhere in order to continue to receive the dole. Now, I thought this would mean doing crap jobs like, road works or some such thing, and I was really depressed for him, but as it turns out, you only get jobs like that if you don't investigate the options and make your own suggestions.

For once in his life, Michael was pro-active (geez, I hate that word, why do I use it, it's a tautology if I ever heard one)... He nominated something like 20 options, from which he was sent to a local radio station (PBS) to do artwork for their site, and perhaps later to do interviews with bands or whatever... Now, that doesn't sound too bad at all. He is getting to do stuff he is interested in, he is gaining experience, AND making contacts, which means he might later be able to get real work from this (if he makes the most of it...).

He actually said he should have given a lot fewer options and narrowed their selection a bit because he could have been a dogs-bodily in an art studio (which sounds pretty fascinating actually)...

Mike has shown interest in radio work before, so I'm secretly hoping this will lead to something for him...

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