Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feeling Better (TMI alert)

Well, I'm feeling a lot lighter in mood today and better able to cope with everything, and this leaves me wondering if perhaps I'm not starting to cycle again, menstrually... I've noticed a dramatic increase in creamy cm today, so maybe I just finished a non-bleeding period???

LOL, welcome to my blog, ROFL!

I've spent most of today, so far, looking at recipes on ... We did our usual Safeway homeshop last night and were flabberghasted to find out total had blown out to over $190!!! Just a few weeks ago it was only around the $150 mark... It seems the more fresh, unprocessed stuff we've bought, the more the total has risen. It is soooo unfair, and it make me mad that families who try to do right by their kids will be penalised for doing so...

Anyway, we reviewed our list and discovered that 1kg of skinless chicken breasts (for our only two meat based meals) cost us $19!!! That's right... Now, checking this out on the site this morning, I realised, of course, that I'd bought 2x500gr @ $8.5o per unit, instead of 1x1kg @ $14.65 per unit, so I could have saved myself nearly $5 right there, argh!

I've told Dave I think I'd prefer to go out and do the shopping myself, at the butcher and green grocer and safeway, where I can compare prices better, etc. than through homeshop, once he is home to watch the kids...

But also, I've decided we need more variety in our diet. We eat a lot of the same dishes week after week, and I don't want us all to get bored and start dreaming about pizzas, LOL...

We have to fit in with eating at least 5 non-meat meals a week (though two of those five can be fish), also Dave can't eat capsicum/peppers, and doesn't like bean, brussellsprouts, cabbage, cauliflower (though occassionally he has to compromise because I love those vegies)...

So far I've found:

~ home made pizza (base and toppings)
~ zucchini risotto
~ sicilian lentil pasta sauce
~ ginger and garlic stir fry

In addition to our regulars
~ vegetable fritata
~ vegie stirfry w/ sweet chilli, soy sauce and oyster sauce
~ Tuna and 4 bean salad w/ either sweet chilli or mayonnaise
~ vegie indian curry
~ Mushroom bolognese
~ Lentilloaf

Hopefully this will mean we don't have to eat the same meal more than two weeks in a row if we rotate them, and as I get better at this cooking thing and get a handle on all the spices and sauces etc. out there this will expand more.

I've also been looking in savoury muffins, and playing with the sweet muffin recipe I have so it doesn't have quite as much sugar etc...

Hopefully, we can organise to both eat more healthily AND reign in that food bill...

Also, we have this excellent patch in the back yard that looks like it used to be a vegie patch. These photos were taken at about 3.45pm today, and as you can see it get strong afternoon sun, so I wonder if that would be bad for growing our own vegies... Because I'm thinking it would be cheaper to grow our own... Also the ground is quite compacted, so I don't know what I'd need to do to fix that...


katef said...

It's so hard balancing a heatlhy diet with one you can afford isn't it!

On the vegie patch google it and you'll get loads od resrouces on how to start one but basically the idea will be to dig dig dig and add add add to the soil to make it more fertile. The start planting. It's not nearly as hard as some books or gardeners make out - though you have to be prepared for some failures as I've found... msn me sometime if you want to chat :)

Stacey said...

Ooh that looks likie a great area for a vegie patch! I wish we had one :(. With the recipes, do you like ethnic foods like thai, vietnamese etc? I have a thai vegi cookbook and it works out very cheap to feed us if we buy the rice in bulk, and the curries/stirfies can be simple and quick. I find ethnic food really valuable for spicing up our vegetarian repertoire!

Good Job!