Monday, March 06, 2006

Exercise... Compromise...

Ok, so I had a think, and decided to do the following... I'll still count up to 1000, BUT I'm only going to set the goal of AT LEAST 500 minutes, and anything over and above 500 will be bonus minutes! I've changed my pie chart to reflect this, and I did another walk at lunch time while Bryn slept which meant I was able to power walk, instead of just a fast pram walk. I have to say, just like when I was doing walks before I conceived Bryn, I'm really enjoying feeling my body work, and pushing myself (I'm hardly a commonwealth athlete, LOL, but I'm actually enjoy the challenge)...

I had a bit of an extra spring in my step today though because just before i left I found an sms from Leah on my mobile saying Laura was in labour! Baby K was born at 4,30pm-ish, and entered the world weighing over 10lbs! And that is about all I know so far, and the suspense is killing me!!!

What a beautiful, sunny Melbourne day to be born on, little heart!!! Welcome Earthside, and Well Done Laura!!!

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