Monday, March 27, 2006

First Bath

At 7 months and one week, Brynjar Jonas Dal had his very first bath!!!
I tend not to like to bathe my kids much because they are very prone to eczema, so Bryn had had a few showers with me, and cat washes everyday with a flannel, but hadn't yet been "steeped" in water. I was waiting until I was confident about his confidence in sitting up by himself :) ...

It didn't take him very long at all to decide he loved the splashing effect he could create by slapping the water with his hands, and our kitchen floor got a good wash as well!

Yup, he's a waterbaby just like his brothers!!!

Also, here is a pic of the pants I've gotten for his first full winter (minus a red/white and a navy/white striped pair, that are in the mail still)... Stripes are definitely a Bryn thing. I just love stripes on him, the brighter the better! Most of these are off ebay, though a couple are from Myer and a couple from Cotton On... Leggings are excellent for sling babies because they don't twist or ride up as much, and they're stretchy and comfy!

It's not immediately obvious, but what looks like the lighter pair of grey leggings on the right of the picture, they're actually marle grey and white horizontal pin-stripes, very cute! Lots of pink/purple/orange in there too!

Good Job!