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Kicking Goals

Ok, first and foremost... I weighed myself today... Yes, it's only Tuesday and I don't usually weigh myself until Friday, but well, Dave wanted to weigh himself, and I'd been feeling a bit deflated by the 300g gain last Friday, so I thought I'd double check that eating more salads was working... Yes, it is! I was down from 93.1 last Friday to 91.9 today - which tells me there definitely was some fluid retention from the pizza last Thursday night... So, all is right with the world in that respect. However, I have decided to also keep and informal log of measurements for those times when the scales are being discouraging... So, my waist is 103cm, and my hips are 122cm... I won't bother with boobs (all that gravitational pull has sorely distorted those measurements...)...

Ok, what else (please excuse my ramblings today, btw, and all the talk about spending money)...

Right, I went and checked out Gizmo, the laptop I'm thinking of buying TOMORROW!!! Here are the specs...

Toshiba Satellite M100/800 Notebook
Intel Core Solo processor T1300 1.66GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD, DL DVD SuperMulti drive, Windows XP Professional, 14.1" TruBrite widescreen monitor.
PROCESSOR – Intel Core Solo Processor T1300 with Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology 1.66GHz (667MHz)
MEMORY - 512MB DDR2 (533)
HARD DRIVE - 60GB (5400rpm) SATA
OPTICAL DRIVE - DVD SuperMulti Double⁄Dual Layer Drive
READ AND WRITE SPEED – Read: CD-ROM 24x, DVD-ROM 8x; Write: CD-R 24x, CD-RW 4x, HS CD-RW 10x, DVD-R 8x, DVD-R DL 2x, DVD-RW 4x, DVD+R 8x, DVD+R DL 2.4x, DVD+RW 4x, DVD-RAM 5x
COLOUR DISPLAY - 14.1" TruBrite Widescreen XGA (CSV High-brightness) Active Matrix
RESOLUTION - 1280 x 800
VIDEO - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (945GM) with up to 128MB shared video memory (UMA)
AUDIO - Intel High Definition Audio
LAN - Intel GBit TX Ethernet; Integrated Intel Pro Wireless 3945 802.11abg
MODEM - International V.92 data modem + fax
SPEAKERS - Premium harman⁄kardon speakers
CARD READER –5-in-1 card reader Adapter
USB PORT - 4 x Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports
PC CARD SLOT - One PC Card slot supports one Type II PC Card
IEEE1394 PORT - Yes
INFRA-RED PORT – CIR with Remote Control
BLUE TOOTH - Integrated Bluetooth antenna only (BT ready)
SECURITY OPTIONS - Integrated Biometrics - UPEC Fingerprint reader
SOFTWARE – Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 (OEM), Toshiba Utilities, Microsoft OneNote 2003, Microsoft IE v6.0, Windows Movie Maker, Record Now! Basic for TOSHIBA, DLA for Toshiba, Toshiba Speech System, Toshiba Touch and launch, ConfigFree, Intervideo WinDVD, WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum, Norton Antivirus (inc 90 day subscription), Adobe Acrobat Reader v7.0.5, Express Media Player (CD + DVD)
WEIGHT - Approximately 2.45kg (may vary with spec)
WARRANTY – 1 year international parts and labour warranty. Domestic warranty includes onsite courier pickup and return service

I also get free MS Office and a bag thrown in, which is good because I need those things so I can hopefully get some writing in while I'm in Adelaide next month...

I'm also getting a router so I can be wireless in the house (and at Maccas, when away)... I'm very excited about all of this...

I also popped into Target today to see if they had any trampolines with safety nets left from their catologue, but no, all sold out, too bad... I keep needing to find outdoorsy stuff to keep the boys occupied so they're not inclined to leave the yard, argh! Maybe I should just shackle them to the front porch with long chains and anklets (yes, I AM only joking)...

Ok, so couldn't find that, but as serendipity would have it, there was a sale on floor stock, and they had a tv cabinet there within my desired price range, and the cost of delivery it home was very reasonable, and meant that, on the whole, I'd save about $300 0n anything I could have bought new from Ikea, and about $60 on anything I could have bought second hand on ebay, so yay for Serendipity!!! Bought the cabinet and it's being delivered tomorrow morning...

So, then there is only the boys' shelving unit, and I'm all spent up, LOL... Oh and paying of that dastardly credit card...


Leah said…
Ypu are going great guns Sif, very inspiring!

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