Friday, March 03, 2006

Na na na na na na na na.. Batman!!!

Here is the big boy wearing the new pjs Dad bought him today, complete with detachable cape!!! Cool, huh?

Dave isn't one for buying the boys clothes, that is almost always my job, but he has bought them stuff off his own bat... When Erik was one, he bought him a black tshirt with the Bat signal on it. When he was two, it was Spiderman pjs, when Erik was 4 and Luey was 2, they each got tshirts with Batman and Spiderman respectively, this last spring (aged 6 and 4) they got tshirts with the Batman emblem and The Incredibles, and today it was Batman pjs for Erik and Spiderman pjs for Luey (who was feeling off colour and was asleep when Erik modelled his)...

See any pattern???

Anyway, there were a hit, and I'm sure they'll be worn almost everywhere, except to bed, hahahaha!

Also got the boys some runners. Was going to get them sandals, because their old one are falling apart, but there wasn't a sandal to be found in Target, only winter shoes... Have to take Erik's back though because somehow we managed to come home with a size 13 and a size 1 (I suspect, somewhere out in suburbia there is a little boy Erik's age with slightly different sized feet, wearing the matching pair to Erik's odd pair, which is great for that boy, but a pain in the foot for Erik)...

Got myself a pair of red Mary Janes, but poor Dave missed out (not that he wanted red Mary Janes) because there were no shoes in size 9 mens... Of course, the irony is that we went looking for replacement shoes for him, and came home with replacement shoes for everyone else...

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