Friday, April 07, 2006

Drac Boy and Super Dude

My boys love winter and this week has really seen the first run of colder days since last winter, so we broke out the woolie hats and finger gloves, and I bought them new winter pjs with motifs of Drac Boy and Super Dude!

So, this is how they've been running about the house since late this afternoon! The only got the ts from the pjs today, and will get to where their pjs when we visit Amma and Grandpa next week. I really hope my parents don't take issue with Erik prancing around in blood red, dracula emblazoned pjs, hahaha!!!


Juniper said...
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Juniper said...

Cute jammies, where did you get them? I am sure my ds would love a pair of Dracula jammies - very cool!!!

Ish said...

Gorgeous Jammies

Jayne said...

Awww very cutte :D Poor liam is being deprived, since I am determined to make him "calming" white/plain pj's ;-) :D

Good Job!