Monday, May 29, 2006

Big Day Out

So, we went into the city and met up with mum, step-dad, my brother and mum's friend. It was strange, and not at all strange all at one time. He doesn't look very different; thicker set, and grey in his hair, and he occassionally wears glasses, but that's it, other than that he's exactly the same.

Funny though, now that I'm a whole lot older, he is different. All those things about him that were extremely charming and attractive when I was an oversexed teen, are now not at all attractive.

All my friends and myself in the Salvos back in the late 80s had huge crushes on this guy, he was good looking, talented, charming, chatty... Yesterday, I saw those same traits, but I also saw a guy who's self-esteem was laid on shaky ground, and basically he was afraid people might not like him. He had this slightly anxious way of talking just to fill the silences, and I realised this was something he had always, and when I was a teen I thought it was because he was so clever but yesterday I realised he was just really worried that we'd all realise he was boring (which he isn't, he's actually very nice, just lacking confidence)... I actually felt a bit like a big sister to him, MOY strange.

The boys had fun though, they got these MEGA cones (yes, cone shapes chip buckets) of hot chips, plus muffins. They were really well behaved for about 40 minutes, and then it just got too much for Luey, and despite being stuffed with stodge, he found the energy to chase off around the ACMI lounge and out into Federation Square - Dave chased out after him so fast my mum was in shock!

Anyway, after photos, we all said goodbye, and I couldn't help but feel like it was any other Sunday night, 18 years ago in Norway, and we'd be seen BT in the morning. The truth is we may never see him again, but it just didn't feel that way...

Hey, do you just love the middle pic of Erik with my mum on one side and step-dad on the other... The joke being, their surname is Ham, and they were making Erik into a "Ham Sandwich" - I'll just leave you all with that thought, hehehe...

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Anonymous said...

I love those photos and I love the ham sandwich.

Sounds like a good day. Glad you felt included in the end.

Good Job!