Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ah bloody hell!

Ok, I REALLY have not reason to complain, really, I know! BUT I weighed myself this morning and I'm STILL sitting on 84.2kg... Last week I was 84.1kg and the week before that I was 84.4kg, so I'm hovering, hovering, and it's driving me balmy! I can feel, on my clothes, that I'm still losing weight (or perhaps I'm just toning up???)... But the scales aren't reflecting those feelings... This is the hard part, I guess. As I get closer and closer to my goal, my weight loss is bound to slow and plateau, but it's hard to keep motivated when that happens... I'm so excited to lose weight, I like to see those numbers going down, but I need to be more patient, I guess... Just keep on keeping on...


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the best way to tell if you are loosing weight? through your clothes?

You are so inpsiring Sif! I'm really going to start eating better once we move house. (does that sound like I'm putting it off! :P )

Juniper said...

Sif, when the numbers go through a period of stabilising, go by how your clothes feel. You have done such a great job - don't freak out of a plateau that is so common!

WW says to change things round a bit if you plateau, like alter your diet slightly (eg. different foods) or change your excersise in some way (either step it up, or alter the type, or even just change the direction you walk).

I am not one to talk though - I seem to really get stuck in a plateau and then creep back up. Learn from my mistakes!

Sif Dal said...

Thanks for the tips, Jen, I know I need to do something to kickstart the loss again, so will try a couple of the things you mentioned :).

At least I'm glad my resolve is still in tact, I usually get extremely dispondent and want to give up at this stage, but this time I have been ready to give up, which is a good thing, of course :).

Good Job!