Friday, June 09, 2006

Learning new stuff

So today Erik and Luey and I had our first concerted lesson on the $3 recorders we bought from the Reject shop the other day. Erik has almost learned "Mary has a little lamb" after just one session! I'm very impressed, and Luey has completely grasped the concept of covering the holes on the recorder to make different notes, though he doesn't quite have the determination to "try, try again" for learning to play a tune fluidly.

Bryn also joined in the jamboree, on his pilano, LOL!

Today Bryn took his first hands and knees crawling movements, which is very exciting as he's been building up to this for several weeks!

The boys also learned about money manage when they found the Thomas trainings they've been coveting for a number of weeks now, at Target. Erik had so far managed to save $9.95 from his tooth money and other odds and ends, and Luey had $4.20. Taking into account that Erik will start recieving an allowance on his 7th birthday, we came to the agreement that if I paid to put the trains on layby, Erik would repay his half of the layby out of his saved money, and then pay of his half by saving more over the next few weeks, while Luey would give me the entirety of his savings to date, and Dave and I would pay the remainder of his train (because he saves money he finds on the footpaths etc. and so isn't likely to make up the $15 or so he needed to pay for the rest of his train. He won't be getting an allowance until 2008)...

So, the trains went on laybe, and Luey gave me his $4.20 and is paid up. Erik gave me the $2.50 it cost to put his train on layby and is holding onto the rest of his savings until he has the full amount for paying of the rest of his part of the layby (clear as mud, isn't it?). He has another loose big tooth so he'll son get $5 from the toothfairy for that, and then if he loses three more smaller teeth, he'll have the $6 he needs to make up the rest, otherwise, Dave and I may find some other way for him to earn the money before the layby is due on August 4th...

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