Friday, July 28, 2006


Not feeling well today...

Bloody hell, why oh why do I have to feel sick this week? This is the busiest week Dave has had in a while!!! He worked yesterday, is working today, has a table at a convention tomorrow, luckily nothing on Sunday, but then an H&R Block meeting on Monday morning and a MIFF session in the afternoon, working on Tuesday... So, basically the only day he'll be able to help me with the kids is Sunday, and we haven't done any shopping in over a week, so guess what we're doing on Sunday?! And he offered to stay home again today, but I really couldn't let him because it's still only his first week on this job.

He won't offer to stay home tomorrow because this convention only comes around once in a blue moon, and he and his mate have been planning to attend for something like three months. Honestly, I wouldn't offer to stay home either, if it was me, then again I also wouldn't expect him to stay home with three kids.

In fact, when he had this same flu last week, he didn't have to care for three kids, or breastfeed through the night at all (funny that!). On the up side, I'll milk this for weeks to come, LOLOLOL!

The worst thing is not being able to go out. I just feel too sick to take the boys out (and besides, Luey isn't well either)... So, by Sunday, they'll have been stuck in the house for three days straight - yep, tomorrow is going to be sheer hell!

Another thing that is getting to me is the fact that I decided about two and a half months ago that I was definitely getting a dryer. Within 24 hours I had an offer of a free dryer! Wow, talk about manifesting. Only thing was I had to get it from the other side of town. Luckily the woman who had it could get her mum to transport it to this side of town. Unfortunately, then it got stuck in transit there, I should have organised to pick it up straight away, but I didn't want to have to ask someone to pick it up for me, and I thought it would be delivered at some point. Two months later it became clear it would be easier all round if I could organise to pick it up. Fair enough. So I did. Unfortunately, when I got it home the thermastat had crapped itself - it was a very old dryer so that could have happened on either of the transports, or during the two months it sat outside, who knows. So, now I just want to go buy a new dryer because this winter has been a hassle with getting clothes dry. I don't mind doing that, I was grateful for the offer of a free dryer and for the previous owner organising her mum to help get it close to my place for eventual pick. What is getting to me is now that I've found I really do need to go buy a new one, it's on a week when we're all sick and Dave has started a new job, so of course, it'll be put off a big longer (unless I can convince Dave to go with me on Sunday, but then that's my only day off for full time daycare duty of three kids, argh!)... LOL, so we'll be getting a dryer for this winter in August... The ultimate irony, of course, is that today is a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne, I could very possibly get things dry on the line today... But I feel too crap...

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Rae said...

Oh you poor thing! Hope you feel better soon and isn't it shit how everything crap piles up on you at one time? ((HUGS))

Good Job!