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The Brilliant Big Birthday Bash!

Oh what a fabulous day we had yesterday for Bryn's Big 1st Birthday Bash!!! The sun shone and everything went to plan!!!

First thing in the morning we took delivery of the party favour cup cakes made by Han from playgroup - I ordered 24, she gave me 25, what a sweetheart! Aren't they gorgeous?!!!

I had them especially made with the letter "B" on them, for Bryn, obviously, but it reminded me of the nursery rhyme, "Patticake, patticake, baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you can, pat it and prick it and mark it with "B" and put it in the oven for Baby and me"...

The 25th cake that Han threw in was especially for me, and featured this delicate pink rose!!!

I finalised the lolly "boxes", that the boys and I had decorated a couple of days earlier with stamps and stickers, and rainbows, and letter "B"s...

These were filled with stickers, plastic animals, crafty beading rope thingies, and and a handful of lollies...

The night before I had finished decorating the calico bear I would have everyone sign in rememberance of Bryn's first birthday (yeah, yeah, I stuffed it up so on his tummy he has a big B and a candle with 16/8 on it, which is his actual birthday, but no the candle wasn't supposed to be there, it's covering a big mess I made with my first attempt of the date...)

The birthday boy had a nap while Dad and I set up the party table with food... Big bro Erik decided B needed his hotdog to sleep with...

And finally, we were all ready for the guests to arrive!!!

Bubba was dressed in his finest WAHM wear!!! And Mum tortured him by wetting his hair to make his curls stand out...

Everyone arrived and we all spent some time chatting and catching up and opening Bryn's many and wonderful presents!!! Then it was time for pass the parcel!

After pass the parcel, the kids all had a bit of a race around while the adults did more gasbagging, and catching up, and then it was time for the Pinata! Stuart and Renee organised a line to prevent kids bashing each other by mistake and to ensure everyone got a chance at the Pinata, and then it was on for young and old, and many various bashing techniques were employed to try and get that Pinata to crack open!!!

Willing it to fall down from afar!

The Pinata bash dance swing!

The Lunge!

The SideSwipe!

Over the Left Shoulder!

Straight down from the top! (and this one made the first big crack!)

The Jedi Knight Swing!

The Poke!

Laura and Kaeden finally cracked the Pinata open...

Then the scramble for the lollies and toys!

Showing mum what we got!

Here, you can have this... (Luey showing his gentle side, proud mama moment!)

Then all the kids had a play in the sunshine!

The Cake!!!

The blowing out of the candle (about 6 times, LOL!)

And after the party, when the big boys were in bed, and Mum and Dad were cleaning up, Bryn had a chance to review some of his lovely presents!!!

What a fabulous party!!! This is truly a dream come true for me. When I was a girl I had one birthday party in total because my parents just never had the money and we moved so often we never really had people we knew well enough to invite anyway! I promised myself way back then that my kids would have many parties, it would be something they took for granted!

Thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful day!!!


katef said…
Oh wow looks like you guys had an AWESOME day! A HUGE happy Birthday to Master Bryn... so sorry we missed it!
Kate said…
Oh it looks like a wonderful day!!

So sorry we missed it too, but very glad you all had such a good time!!

loz said…
I love those photos it was an absolutely amazing birthday party so glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as we all did:D
Nic and Beren said…
Beautiful photos looks like an awesome birthday party !!
Rae said…
Love all the pinata cracking techniques. Too funny! Sounds like you had as much fun as Bryn :) Sorry we missed it too. Oh and dying with love over the cupcakes. ;) Exquisite.
Bin Mitch's Mum said…
Wow, you certainly went all out, didn't you? Looks like a wonderful party and from the tone of your post, sounds like you really enjoyed it too, which is great... Gorgeous birthday boy :)
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful party- love those cakes! Happy birthday Bryn!

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