Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mini fun!

We took the boys to the local miniature railway today. The weather was great, so that was a blessing. Thanks to Jen for the heads up on a lovely pathway that would take us directly there from one of our local streets, too! We had a lovely walk.

The boys really enjoyed riding the miniature trains, they went on two rides each (at $2 per ride per person, it's VERY inexpensive fun!) with Dave and I taking turns taking them (so we each got a ride as well, the big kids that we are!)... Then there was a lunch of pies and sausage rolls!

Grabbed a few photos, but unfortunately most of them didn't turn out (that's what you get when you're legally blind and can't really tell if you're in focus or not looking through the lense...). Got a few ok shots though. Had a bit of a play with them in photoshop pushing the colour up and whatnot (seems to be the thing to do atm, LOL).. I'm espeically happy with the photo of Dave and Bryn (so hard to get a decent photo of Dave, he's always grimacing!), and I like the feel of the one of the boys on the path...


Amanda O. said...

OMG that is SO cool! Where is this Sif? L would love it, trains that are HIS size! Great photos as well... especially the one of Luey eatting his pie! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Great photos sif! very envious of your new camera. The train place looks awesome, I remmeber going to somewhere like that when I was young.

Good Job!