Monday, August 14, 2006

Supporting Breast Cancer Research

Been shopping... Long story, involving frayed temper and sending Dave and the boys packing home with threats of bed and no dinner, all three of them!

Anyway, my shopping wasn't all guilty... I bought myself a Target Breast Cancer Research Support t-shirt! Have never bought one of these before, but thought i'd have a look this year. For some reason Breast Cancer Support has been one charity I've found myself donating to over and over again... So, had a look at this year's options and was pleased to find a black t with lots of little sparkly specks all over the front - just my sort of thing! So, yay, I get a pretty little black t, AND I get to feel good about supporting Breast Cancer Research!!!

And Jen, those pants are TRACKIE PANTS (my 2nd pair!!!) bought especially for our walks :D!


Bin said...

Wow!! How awesome do you look?? I won't recognise you by the time I get back, lucky you post a photo every now and then ;)

Juniper said...

Yeah for tracke daks! I look forward to walking with you in them soon! This week is a bugger, but maybe Wed? Did you say that was a good day for you? i can't remember. Shall email or MSN you shortly.

BTW, you look fab!

casso said...

Hey Sif - Cass here from EB. Good to see you back on there too! Came in to have a squiz at your blog, very cute and love the pinata shots. Are you in Sydney? Cos we're having Harriet's party on Sunday if you & your family wanted to come, a few of the EBers are also coming and MIchaela is down from Qld too. Just Pm me on EB and I'll send you the details!
Will link to your blog from mine if you don't mind too.
Cheers, Cass

Good Job!