Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yes, Dad!!!

Not quite 1yr and 1 week today, and Bryn spoke his first phrase (not a sentence because it didn't contain a SVO combo, merely an O...)... Dave was in the kitchen, and Bryn was at the gate chatting away to him in baby babble as he is prone to do several times a day... Dave is good at keeping up a "conversation" with Bryn (learned to do this with Erik and Luey, of course), so then he asks Bryn a question. I can't remember what is was, maybe something like, "Are you very busy talking to Dad this morning, Bubba?" and clear as crystal Bryn replied, "Yes, Dad!"

I think we must have all gone into shock, because the house was suddenly silent and four pairs of eyes looked like plates, and then suddenly there was all this commotion as we all kind of went, "Did you hear that???" and "He said, 'Yes, dad!'!!!" and so on...

We think it just slipped out of him.

We know that babies talk inside their heads, long before verbalising words, much like a learner of a new foreign language with do, fir you learn to understand, then you think the words you'd use, then you finally speak them... So, we think he just kind of automatically geared up his mouth this time, but WOW!

Once again, he's doing what he's done before and falling between the two older boys in developmental pace... Erik didn't speak his first phrase or sentence till he was two, but Luey was ten months old when he said, "I did it!"...

Anyway, very exciting for us!!!


Anonymous said...

wowee! Mia was a late talker and I suspect Jude will be the same. He is still mastering dada and has a go at mia some days.

But wow!

And he is so bloomin adorable in all these yummy photos. keep them coming.

PS - Oh lord. You have word verification too!! arghhh. I'm going to have to go the sound thing.

Rae said...

It's so strange and magical the first time you hear something clear come out of your baby's mouth. Yay Bryn! :)

Good Job!