Sunday, September 17, 2006

Earthdance 2006

We took ourselves of to Earthdance 2006, at Collingwood Children's Farm... This was the 10th annual Earthdance, a globally linked up festival for world peace... We'd never been, so this was new experience, but I had heard it might be fun for the kids, and there'd be roaming perform artists about - which I thought Erik might really love! So, off we went...

Took a few photos, much happier with the lighting today, and managed to get a few I was happy with (mostly for catching form)...

Loved this one of Jayne's daughter dancing to the music!

Dave managed to catch a pic of me, I'm totally gobsmacked at how I'm aging, I just don't see myself this way, hahaha!

What an appropriate tshirt for the day, don't you think! I knew straight away this photo would be a fave of mine!

Erik mastered twirling the hoop on his arm today and was very proud of himself!

Don't you just love the shape that woman on the right has made with her body?! I'm so happy I caught it!

My little possum!

The endangered Aussie native; the spotted (blue tongued) tree frog!


Mr B said...

Oh wow, beautiful pictures !

Ish said...

Fantastic Pics :D

Rae said...

Great photos :) Especially love the blue tongued frog and gorgeous groover Sienna!

katef said...

awesome photos... looks like you guys had a great day!

Good Job!