Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Holiday snaps

Well, Bryn and I got back from our long weekend in Nuriootpa (SA), last night. We had a great, relaxing time with my parents, and celebrated Father's day with them. The weather was 75% magnificent, too!!!

Bryn was a little restless this week, a bit clingy and a bit whingy, but we had plenty of things to put that down too... First off, he was away from home, he was probably missing his Dad and his brother, then he started standing all by himself for a couple of seconds at a time, so there was that milestone that might be upsetting him... Then we discovered he's now the proud owner of SIX teeth with two new ones sprouted on the bottom row... The one thing we never suspected it might be, I discovered this morning in the way of three burst blister on his scrotum and penis, and then I realise what those spots on his face might be, and sure enough when I inspected his chest and back I found more - yep, little bubba has Chicken Pox! He's dealing REMARkEDLY well with it, as you can see in the pic above, all smiles atm - wearing his "Handle With Care" shir5t...

Mum has tulips sprouting in her lawn. The previous tenant was a tulip lover and had a garden full, those tulips would taken out and replaced with lawn, but some bulbs must have remained, as you can see though, these renegade tulips are not the full quid, a little out of shape, reminded me a bit of a Kangroos paw from above...

Of course, while in the Barossa, one MUST go have a wine testing a winery... Went to Jacobs Creek, bought a Pinot Noir for Dave and something sweet and white for myself and also from my parents to the ILs...

Kisses from Amma and Grandad!

I bought myself this hat to keep out of the brillant SA sun, then promptly forgot it there... Have to get it sent over, haven't found a hat I like the look of on me for so long, can't bare not to have it now!!!

My parent's new pooch, he's such a soft little bundle of cuteness, I went all woofy over him, I want a PUPPY now, argh!!!

Gosh, look who has his mum's smile, rofl!

What a symbolic shot this turned out to be... This is my parents standing on the slab of their brand new house! The first house they've ever bought together (they've been married nearly 12 years)... With the sun setting behind them, as a remind that they're heading towards the sunset years!!! This is the house they'll spend those years in!

Here are my parents with Bryn enjoying their new outdoor setting that they bought for Father's Day - of course it's like 10pm at night and they're sitting in moon light, but that's not really a big deal, is it???

Mum won't let me drink her coke, but maybe I can bite a hole through the bottle if I keep at it???

At the end of the first long day on holidays, a nap in the car is just the thing!

Give me five!

Yum, Corn!
Just hug me please, these whole beach thing is way too much for me after the big airplace trip and all...

What you do think? I'm just NOT a Beach person, REALLY!!!

Noooooo, don't make me standing on the squishy stuff... I don't LIKE it!!! Erik was right, Beaches BLOW!

I don't get you guys, why on Earth do you think this is FUN?

And finally, the shot I was TRYING to get with my beach phobic son (funny, Erik hated the beach too? What's with my kids???)...


Juniper said...

Sif, these are *gorgeous* photos. Your new camera plus your talent for composition is just fab!

I particularly like the pic of your parents squishing Bryn, and the amazing one of you and Bryn at the beach. But they are all fantastic.

Sif Dal said...

Hahahaha, well, the amazing one of me and Bryn at the beach is obviously not one of my photos, hehehe - my mum took it, but any talent for composition I have would have to come from her anyway (though my dad is a pretty good natural photographer, but mum's the real "arteest" in our family... Thanks though. I've got to say, I think it's mostly the camera :)...

Anonymous said...

OMG the picture of you and Bryn on the beach is freaking awesome!

Rae said...

I was admiring how gorgeous and windswept your hair is in that photo!

I don't like the beach either! LOL
It looks great in photos though. And as always I love to see what the lovely Bryn has on. He he.

Good Job!