Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Merry Beltaine!!!

Ah, the air is thick with festivity today! It's my favourite Sabbath of all! Beltaine, the sabbath of fertility! A time to dwell on all the new and growing things around us in the final month of Spring!!! A time of new beginnings!

I'm having a few friends around today to celebrate Beltaine and to reflect on our wishes for the coming year, the dreams we're willing into fruition, and the projects we will to grow and prosper!

I've finally found a reason to wear this top I bought in Bendigo some three years ago that was too small for me then, and is getting too big for me now, I'll have to sell it soon, but I just wanted an opportunity to wear it once... So, ALREADY a dream is coming to fruition today for me :D!

Merry Belatine one and all, may all YOUR dreams come to fruition!


Juniper said...

Merry Beltaine Sif! I love the top, it is gorgeous!

Is it a co-incidence that I am ovulating on Beltaine, if it is the sabbath of fertility? If I wanted another baby, would I be right in saying tonight would be a good night to try??? LOL!!!

Sif Dal said...

Yeah, I reckon! What do you think the May POLE is supposed to represent, hahahaha!

casso said...

*snort* Sif you are a classic. So what on earth are you doing when you're wrapping the ribbons around huh? And you let your children do that?! I'm calling DOCS. :o)

Good Job!