Thursday, November 09, 2006

I love our horticulturalist!

Our gardner is ACE! First of all, he has all the charm of Jamie Durie (or however that's spelt), he doesn't look like him (he's got kind of dark blonde curly hair)...

Secondly, he's a family guys about my age, with three boys, who he adores, so he's just GREAT with my boys, chats to them, fusses over them, it's really nice.

But MOST importantly!!! He just does nice little extras FOR FREE, like cutting back the lavender so I'm not at risk of being stung by bees, or STRAIGHTENING OUT OUR CLOTHES LINE!!! I didn't even mention it! He just came to the front door before (to get the money we pay him), and said, "Oh and I straightened out your clothes line, but tell the boys they can't swing on it now, or it might snap next time" I hadn't even told him about the clothesline, or that the boys bent it (that's was probably a given, hehehe)... He just saved us $500!!!

The funny thing is, Dave tried to straighten the clothesline this morning, but couldn't do it - bloody hell, Dave's pretty strong, too! Steve must be Hercules in disguise!!!


Mr B said...

Awesome, what a man ;-)

Can he come do my overgrown jungle now ?

Rae said...

Wow what an unreal gardener! :)

Amanda O. said...

Wow! Yay for angels in odd disguises! ;-)

Good Job!