Monday, December 04, 2006

Buddha's many faces

Now, what does this do?

Don't touch, you say, hahahaha!

Let me get this straight, Santa flies through the sky like Superman WITHOUT a cape???

Oh yeah, love the music...

I can walk backwards now too, this walking gig is EASY, look! No hands!

And this is my gender-confused cow...

Cows go, "Moooo!"

Ok, that's enough mum, BACK AWAY FROM THE CAMERA...

Aha, just joking, how's this for a final smile!


Mr B said...

Awww what a gorgeous chubby cheeked boy :-)

casso said...

Hey he's got some more teeth!

Oh and apologies for my last comment. Was having a very bitter and twisted day related to some online shenanigans. *insert rolling eyes emoticon here* Am coming back down to normal Cass (is that a good or bad thing?!) but refraining from posting too much to keep the rage in check. ;o)

Cheers, Cass

Amanda O. said...

LOL he's so expressive! I love that second one, what CHEEK!

And since I'm too lazy to post a comment under the other posts, I'll just say that Dave learning the cards with the boys just sounds like such a great dad-sons moment and I'm very glad to hear MIL is helping out like that... what a lovely thing to do and lovely comment to make on Luey.

Also wanted to say that I'm a big person on Making Lists and Cleaning Zen, so I totally get your list! *G*

Good Job!