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Gawd! I neeeeeed some energy! I'm supposed to be tidying up the house, but Dave and Erik have gone down the street to buy some milk and bread, and Bryn and I are just slouching about... I wrote out a list of things that need to be done this coming couple of weeks, and it's long, LOL...
  1. Tidy the dining room, lounge, hall
  2. put boxes and bags and crap in the garage
  3. put boys bed back (after cleaning their carpet the other day) and tidy their room
  4. Clean up study
  5. Wash out shower stall in prep. for poss. December house inpsection
  6. sort and wrap boys' present
  7. decide on presents for parents and my brother and each other
  8. Order Dave's DVDs from US (his present)
  9. Bake gingerbread
  10. Assemble gingerbread house kit from Target
  11. Get the couch cleaned
  12. Get Jayne to pick up computer desk (are you reading this Jayne, hehehe, will email you)
  13. get photo disk and Erik's lunchbox to Laura
  14. Get jigsaw puzzle to RachM
  15. Get knifeblock to Jayne's mum
  16. do masses of laundry
  17. wash floors
  18. wash down whole of kitchen (inlc. sorting cupboard and fridge, ewwww)
  19. Order Christmas double smoked meat (hope it's not way too late already)
  20. Get Luey's birthcertificate for school enrolment
  21. Pay requisite fees
  22. pick up requisite boxes from school and get receipt so I can pick up requisite boxes of materials
  23. pick up Luey's uniform from school
  24. Cut bryn's hair
  25. Get my hair cut
  26. frame santa photo for the ILs
  27. Invite Mike to Christmas Eve dinner and impress upon him our need for him to go home Christmas morning because we have to be out early that day ourselves
I've bolded all the things I'm HOPING to get done this week, hahahahaha!

Now getting to the title of this blog, I feel a great shift happening in my life. It started last month and it's definitely happening now...

I can feel my priorities shifting since I started organising for the boys to go to school. In this last fortnight I have also realised a few things about my relationship with them and a couple of things have shifted there too. We had a wonderful time away together this past week and then a couple of pretty good days after we got back, and I'm seeing how things can be in the future, and it's inspiring me.

I'm also seeing where the valleys in my life lie and how I have to learn to navigate through them more effortlessly, but also taking into account my own personality, my flaws (oh, my flaws!) and how I sabotage myself (my great big whalloping mouth!)... I'm seeing how I need to refocus my efforts and my priorities for the wellbeing of myself, my family and my friends...

2006 was a year of manifesting, and boy did I manifest! It has been an exciting, dynamic year for me and my family, that's for sure! It's been great!

2007, I can see it now, it's going to be a year of change, but more subtle changes than this year, deeper changes, life long changes and shifts in the directions of my energies. Looking back I can see that for a period of my life I just wanted to fit in... Then for another period of my life I totally accepted that I couldn't fit in and I was proud of my DIFFERENCES from other people and I even mocked people who exhibited what I thought was "the herd mentality"... Now I see I've moved beyond that too, and now can see that people sometimes CHOOSE what looks like the "herd mentality", but in fact, their choices aren't at all mindlessly dictated by other, but are conscious decisions that just resemble what others do without reflecting on them mostly... Does that make sense.

I'm realising I can LOOK just like the herd but still be doing things for totally conscious, independant reasons, and so can others, it's just another facet of "don't judge the book by its cover"...

Yep, so changes are happening...


loz said…
That is one impressive list!
Anonymous said…
LOL I'll try and organise a day with you. I am actually doing a huge clean of my house this week too, and getting a skip etc, so was going to pick it up next week anyway ;-
) But if you need it gone this week, I can maybe get it on Tuesday?
casso said…
I'm tired just reading your list. Plus if I actually cared what most of the population thought then I'd bother with appearances more I think. But given my last week, I am really REALLY over people and consequently don't give a damn what it 'looks' like I'm doing versus what I'm actually doing.
Sif said…
LOL, I'm not bothered with appearances. Cleaning and sorting is a coping mechanism I go into when I'm feeling stressed (I also just had a stressful week with people), and sorting, cleaning and clearing are my slightly OCD way for having "control" in my life, I guess, I always feel calmer afterwards :)...

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