Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh the pain, the pain!!!

I've been ovulating today... Not so much sore nipples this time, as pain enough on my left side to have me doubling over!!! It's been a while since I experienced that kind of O pain, I tell you, and I'm be most happy if it was a while again!!!

Baked some gingerbread with Luey today... Turned out pretty good actually, but was out of a packet. I REALLY want to get the "from scratch" recipe I've been trying to do for the past 8 years right again, got it right about 5 years ago and haven't gotten it right since. I'm definitely not a baker, hahaha! I just want to be able to bake this one thing at Christmas time... In my mum's family, in Iceland, the women bake dozens of varieties of biscuits, small cake etc. for Christmas, my Amma used bake MINIMUM 16 varieties each year - the year she ONLY baked 16 varieties was the year she was "taking it easy" because she had 13 people living under her two bedroom roof... The decorations on the gingerbread are choccy crumbs with a coloured shell (like M&M crumbs, LOL).

Took a few more pics this afternoon, but unlike the past couple of days, I played around with these in photoshop, just for fun...

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, those cookies look SUPER yum! LOL My grandmother sounds like your Amma... I have a dozen cookie recipes and only the 3 of us, all of whom are dieting, to bake for! :-p

Love the pics of the boys... hm. L is obsessed with our phone atm, maybe he's trying to phone B? The second pic of Luey is also very suiting to him, as is the close-up of Bryn. Good captures! :-)

Good Job!