Friday, December 29, 2006

Thank you, Ganny

A couple of days ago we received a Christmas card from my paternal grandmother, the boys' "Ganny" (as she likes to be called). Along with the card, Ganny sent $60, twenty per boy, for them to spend as they wished - as a Christmas present. So, we conferred and decided to see if the money wouldn't buy a decent basket ball hoop (that didn't need to be attached permanently to some building structure). I should say, the inspiration for this purchase was another Christmas present that Erik received this christmas of a smaller stand alone hoop which he has standing on a table in his room - after trying that out, he wanted a BIG one! We went to Toys'r'Puss and found this stand alone hoop, and it's been a marvellous purchase!!!

First a couple of cute pics of my littlest chappy who can't shoot hoops that high yet...

Just looking cute...

And the latest milestone, "RUNNING Bear"...

And now the bigger boys shooting hoops, and I'm proud to tell you all I didn't have to hunt through all the shots looking for one of each boy getting a ball into the basket, both of them seem to have a lot of natural ability - especially considering they've NEVER played before and the hoop is twice Luey's height, and they're only 7 and 5!

Pretty cool, huh?

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