Monday, January 15, 2007

Busy, busy...

  1. Book papsmear which is three years overdue.
  2. Book appt. to get prescription for Erik's epipen.
  3. Contact the school and find out what I need to do about the epipen from their end (who to give it to etc.)
  4. Organise to have Erik's photo up in the canteen as allergic to nuts.
  5. Get conscientious objector form signed for Bryn (print of the forms from the net, take CO form to Dr's for signature (grumble, grumble, have to face the disapproval squad again) and the lodgement for to Centrelink)
  6. Lodge Immunization Allowance form with Centrelink.
  7. Get Erik and Luey's eyes tested before start of school.
  8. Set up system for bills so we don't get any more stupid late notices.
  9. Make another big payment on the credit card. and then proceed to spend the money on groceries because the Dr's bill was bigger than expected, argh!
  10. Label the boys' clothing for school.
  11. Get Erik's lunchbox from Laura.
  12. Try to find a suitable container for freezing yogurt in that fits into the boys' lunchboxes. well I *think* this one is done...

As you can see, I've gotten a few more things done on that list from last week. Went to the Dr's this morning and that ended up costing $95 (yes, I get a rebate from medicare, but still, whoa!)... I hate papsmears, and this morning was no exception! Didn't help that my cervix apparently decided to go walk about so the Dr had to insert the speculum twice... I told her about the agonising O pain I've had for the past two cycles, and she said to come in next time it happens and they'll do an ultrasound to see what's going on in there. This month though the pain was mostly overnight, so that would make coming in a tad difficult, anyhoo...

Got the greasy eye when I said I'd be booking another appointment on Wednesday to get Bryn's conscientious objector form signed. She asked if I hadn't immunized any of the obys, and I told I'd partially done the older two, but hadn't had the boosters done so they were technically unimmunised. Bryn was fully unimmunised. She asked if I didn't want the boys immunised and I said because of their allergies (Erik and Luey's) I was advised it was in their best interest not to immunise until later. She asked if I was given a letter to this end. I said no, it was just advise offered by Luey's Paediatric Allergy Specialist, she wasn't wholly convinced I don't think, but who cares. She asked if I wouldn't have them done at the children's hospital, where they could be monitored. I said the reaction might not be immediate, like with Erik, psoriasis take a number of days to appear, but he'd been covered from head to toe this year, to a point where he became socially shy, and I didn't want to risk that again with him going to school. Finnaly the questions ended. I'm assuming she'll sign the form on Wednesday. I'll be objecting on Philosophical basis anyway, as I can't medically prove that the boys' psoriasis, eczema, reflux and asthma are linked to the vaccines... Mind you Bryn hasn't had any of the vaccines and he's also had none of the allergies, funny that...

Dave and I were supposed to be preparing for a house inspection tomorrow, but instead we've spent the day rearranging Erik and Luey's room. In recent months we've had a lot of trouble getting those two to sleep at night. Doesn't matter what time we put them to bed, they mess about for HOURS in there, and it doesn't matter what we do or say, they ignore it all. Mostly it's Luey inciting the buggary because he has always had "going to sleep phobia". Once he's asleep a train ploughing through the room wouldn't wake him, and he routinely takes 3 hour day naps, but he resists going to sleep... So, he talks to Erik, or gets down from his bunk and kicks Erik in the head to keep him awake, or engages Erik in some game or other. Erik just doesn't have the ability to ignore Luey either.

So, we pulled down the bunks, and now Erik will go to sleep in the bedroom, and Luey will go to sleep in the study with the door open so we can keep an eye on him. Once they're asleep we'll transfer Luey back to his bed.

We're hoping that once they're in school, they'll be so tired by bedtime they just won't have the energy to muck around.

I've devised a rhythmn for their school days now...

7am: Up, breakfast, dressed, check bags, and tv (if there is time, we leave the house at 7.55am)

7.55: Leave for school.

8.45: Arrive at school, see them off.

Then they spend the day at school. For February I'll pick Luey up at 1.30pm take him to shopping centre B for a snack then we'll go pick up Erik.

3.20pm: Arrive at school to pick up the boys.

4.30pm: Get home.

The rest of the day will loosely consist of; showers, pyjamas, tv/playtime/reading, dinner, teeth, and in bed at 7pm.

Friday and Saturday night they can stay up a bit later, but Sunday it's back to 7pm bedtime.

I've told the boys how the afternoon will go, so it doesn't come as a surprise to them, especially because the daily shower will be new but being at school, I think they'll need it, and besides I like the idea of washing off the schoolday, hehehe... They get very stirred up by showers and baths, so those need to happen well before bedtime, too. Also I want to have a plan for keeping them occupied between getting home and going to bed because I have a feeling Luey might be likely to nod off at that time of day when he's not getting a nap at least 5 days in a row...

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