Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Snaps

The boys and I had some lovely visitors on Friday, so I took the opportunity to take some pics. They're poor quality though, because the light in the hallway where the boys (all six of them!) were playing with the trains was harsh, lots of deep shadow, and then there was the giant mirror reflecting light as well - argh! But anyway, the kids are still cute as all get out!!!

Playing with trains...

Little K looking contemp;ative - it's hard to get a smile out of a child who doesn't know you well, and has no idea what that big black contraption in front of his face is about to do to him, LOL...

Little K's big brother, E, one of the most photogenic kids I've ever had the pleasure to photograph - here he's saying "Cheese!", which was his idea, he's such a cutie!

Little L's mother might not appreciate this photo, but it was just too funny not to include! Here he is, really "getting into" the trains, LOL!

And here is his elfin face - and I have to say this is the best photo I've gotten of this child yet! His parents manage to get lovely photos of him, but he's too quick for me, always on the move, go go go!!!

After everyone left, I tortured Bryn by putting a hair tie in his hair, turning him from Brynjar to Brynja, LOL, to his father's faint horror - isn't he cute though, LOLOLOL!

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katef said...

oooh look at all those gorgeous boys! Great photos!

Good Job!