Monday, February 19, 2007

Congratulations T!!!!

This story board has nothing to do with this post, I just liked it, it's soooo Buddha-wa!

Got some marvellous news last night from an old friend - she's not old, she just a friend I've had for a while, though we haven't seen each other in ages, since she moved to the country...

Anyway, she was due to have a baby about a month ago, and last night she emailed to say she'd had her baby at 42 weeks, homebirth, and not everything was as expected! Instead of one, there were actually two babies :D! Two gorgeous girls, born healthy at 42 weeks, each weighing 8 pounds and 4 ounces. They're fraternal.

I honestly don't have any other details, hahaha! It had taken her two weeks to write the short email I received - I'm imagining she's one busy lady these days!

The funniest part of the email though was when she recounted how she used to say that if she ever found out she was having twins, she'd have to throw herself of a bridge! She'd already had one son. He was born at 45 weeks gestation. He had been a homebirth that was forceably transferred when the labour seemed to stall, and had been born via emerency c-section. My poor friend had been badly traumatised by all of this.

Then her little boy was extremely high needs! I mean EXTREMELY high needs, I've seen a lot of high needs kids in my time, and this child takes the cake, though in the past year or so (I think he's three or four now) he's been a lot more relaxed apparently... So, the poor woman was extremmely sleep deprived and post traumatically stressed for the first couple of years of her son's life. It's unstandable that she wouldn't have welcomed the idea of twins. But wow, the Universe has it's way of making everything work out, and if there is anyone prepared to have twins (can you be prepared for that?) then it would be her!

I wish her so much happiness!!! I'm so excited for her!


katef said...

Oh wow what an ace story!
Sounds like the universe was looking after her in more ways than one!

Jayne said...

It's so ace huh? :)And she *totally* manifested those twins! We'll have to go up and see them sometime soon :)

Rachael said...

How absolutely incredible! I wish her all the best! Yup the universe has a way of only dishing out what we can deal with and I reckon she sounds up to the task.

casso said...

Wow! Twins were one of my big fears when I went for my u/s, so I totally understand where she's coming from. Sounds like she will be a totally fab mother and her first boy has primed her for the challenge that lies ahead. Great stuff! :o)

Good Job!