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Watched "The Secret"

It was good. It was heavily peppered with an emphasise on gaining material chattels, but that reflects more the desires of the people speaking on the show than the concept of the Law of Attraction itself.

I had to laugh though. NOT ONE THING mentioned on the "The Secret" is in any way a secret. I think calling it "The Secret" and then producing a glossy Hollywood dramatic enactment at the beginning of the documentary that is reminiscent of "The De Vinci Code" was more a marketing tool than a reflection of the status of the Law of Attraction.

"Ask and you shall receive" is basically what the Law of Attraction is about. That message is one most all of us have grown up hearing and understanding. Yes, there is a need for faith, and yes, faith is sorely lacking in our society today, but the basic notion that a positive outlook on life yields a positive experience of life is simply common sense.

I'm still somewhat exasperated by the focus on having and having big. That people really feel they need mansions and fast cars, and lots and lots and lots of money annoys me. Why though? Why does that annoy me? If that is what people believe will fulfill them, why is it any trouble for me? It isn't really. It's my conditioning that rich people are shallow, or rather, not rich people, but people who aspire to richness, and people who constantly refer to their monetary riches are shallow. People who seem to define themselves by their money, perhaps? I don't know, but I do know I need to let it go!

Bloody hell... I posted this without getting to my point, hahaha, talk about getting distracted.

What I was going to say is that i've come to the conclusion over the past week or so that I'm ready to prepare for the new baby that's on her way. I'm not sure how Dave will come to terms with having her, but that is for him to figure out I guess.

So, to that end, I've decided to buy an almost new car seat an acquaintence is selling at a heavily reduced price, this is also for the car Dave and I will be getting later this year. I'm so relieved to have accepted that this is what I want, after much struggling and worrying about upsetting Dave and what not. I know with the counselling I'm getting and with the boys going to school, and my plans to help Dave find some time to himself etc. I can see big and positive changes in our family and so our little girl will slot in beautifully. It'll be wonderful. In the meantime, the next year and a half or more, i'll have all this time with my gorgeous Bryn bubba. Yes, it'll be grand!


Stitch Sista said…
Wow exciting!

WRT being rich, wanting to be rich etc...I think that that attitude frustrates me b/c I know that those things just don't bring happiness - and with so many people aspiring to material wealth above all else, not only do some of us feel compelled to compete and achieve the same thing, it also means that some of the more important things in life are forgotten or not valued. I know that for G and I, we feel like we are constantly fighting the tide of consumerism and it is really frustrating... Anyway just my thoughts on it all...
HipbubbyMama said…
I understand your thoughts on material wealth, I also think that everyone has a different aim in life, and that's ok. It takes all types. I dont personally aspire to a new car, and a mansion, however I do badly want to own my own home (with a swimming pool hehe) and to never have to worry about not having enough money to pay my bills again or to have to decide on whether or not we will eat well or pay the overdue phone bill. I also want to send my kids to a private school (alternative one lol), and would like to travel, and afford some nice clothes and furniture for my house. I'm probably quite materialistic, but not over the top so!However it doesnt bother me if other people want the mansions etc-so long as they dont use unethical means which hurt people to get it, which goes completely against the ethos and ideals of The Secret anyway :)
Amanda O. said…
I haven't seen it but does that stop me from having an opinon? Noooo... ;-)

I guess to an extent, the program is probably like anything else you find in life: take the bits that suit you, apply them to your life in the way that's best for you and ignore the rest... even if it's annoying "clever" marketing and consumeristic. lol I agree the focus of living with intention shouldn't be about shallow things but also know sometimes stuff isn't as shallow as it might look to strangers eyes. Some of the stuff I want could be construed as very unnecessary but for me, it's not just the object for it's own sake but also what it represents to me yk? I'll have to admit tho, I've had a very deep steriotype in my mind of how 'rich' people are and I really disliked them or anything associated with that lifestyle. This was actually something I've REALLY struggled with since moving into Hawthorn East and one of the reasons I had a really hard time with my new mums group because of the percieved slights I was getting as a young, not independantly wealthy, un-posh, non-yummy mummy. Getting to my point, living here I've really found that there are some people truly just in it for the rat race but most people, regardless of how much money they have, are just that... people and I have a lot more in common with them than I'd thought, their wants actually have reasons behind them and sometimes what appears shallow might furfill them. And in the end, I only robbed myself of getting to know some people who maybe weren't so awful after all. That said, I think it's so awesome that you're moving forward with your little girl and Dave's driving... gosh that's just a beautiful thought isn't it there! New bubba, happy family growing and watching bubba Bryn grow into a gorgeous little boy! Gotta say, the same thing is pretty much my opinion of how the next few years will go for us too! Down to the husband learning to drive! ;-) Geeze lousie, what a BOOK I've written... gotta add one more bit though... I love Luey's sparklepox! ROTFLMAO at their name!

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