Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Day...

Had a few friends over today...

Me - Bryn
Laura - Elijah and Kaeden
Katy - Courtney and Damon
Caz - Eliabeth
Leah - Audrey
Kate - Izzy and Zoe
Shae - Tannah
Narelle - Mia and Jude
Amanda - Laurent
Kate - Emma
Libby - Ned
Sherrin - Ash and Zeph
Jayne - Sienna

All in honour of Narelle travelling all the way down from Brisbane to visit - ok, well, there was that little matter of attending her dear brother's wedding, but I'm sure meeting us lot was the highlight of her trip, LOL!

Ah, and what a lovely day of chatting and socialising, in general, it was too... I managed to take no picture to speak of (talk about missing an opportunity), I was really too busy gasbagging about pregnancy and tummy tucks to think about taking photos... Actually, not true, I DID try to take a couple of shots of Libby, because she was looking very, how should I describe it?, classical?, sitting perched on a chair holding her coffee cup... Unfortunately that one picture only further proved my need for a fast indoor/low light lense...

It was a fruitful day though... I can't remember if I've mentioned it here before but I've long been wanting a new bed. Our old bed is only 6 years old, and really it's a great bed; it's custom made, 2metres squared, a low rise futon on wood base. Unfortunately, I don't find it very comfortable, and especially during pregnancy, because it is so low, and basically quite hard without being very supportive. Dave loves it, he loves very firm beds... Ahem, but the thing is, it's been nearly two years since he slept in our bed (thanks to his sleep apnoea)...

So, anyway, I've been saying for a while that once we've moved, and the next time we get a lump sum after we move, I was determined to buy a bed with a wooden base, but higher off the ground than our bed, and with a firm mattress... Thing is this kind of thing can cost between 2-3000 dollars, so definitely a purchase dependent on a lump sum...

Well, today I'm talking to Shae, who is moving interstate in another couple of months. She'd advertised her bed for sale a few weeks back and I was saying it sounded nice, but I didn't have lump sum to spend on it. So, as wonderful as she is, she has offered it to me to pay off over 12 months!

As an added bonus the bed is King sized, so still very big, and has four large drawer under it, AND it is a close match to our tallboy! Yay!

I haven't told Dave about this purchase yet, hahaha, he's still not convinced about the water filter, but I'm intending on paying for this out of my money so it doesn't really concern him. Especially as he isn't putting any effort into sorting his sleep apnoea so he can move back into our bed.

Also, today I've had a new business idea (which I won't share here just yet, shhhhhh), and I think it might just be a goer, I just need to check out costs and profit prices to see if it would float...

Part of the idea had been floating about in my head for a while, but then today I found myself vocalising a facet of the idea I hadn't actually thought about (consciouly anyway), but on reflection, it's a pretty good idea!!! If I say so myself...


katef said...

Just wanted to say thanks for having us yesterday... the girls and I had a lovely time and it was ncie to catch up with so many people!

And ooh a new business idea.. I can't wait to hear what you are up to!

Ish said...

Umm wonder if I heard you chatting about that business idea... How exciting will be hanging to hear more:)
We too had such an awesome day yesterday too thanks so much for having us all:)

Good Job!