Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A couple of purchases + pics from Amanda's

Went to the Hawthorn Babies and Kids market on the weekend and found a couple of great bargains!

These Fred Bare red fine cord bootleg pants were $10!

These leather shoes were #20 (NEW), and the perfect shape for Bryn's broad little feet!

These Tip Toey Joey's were more expensive than I'd like to post here, hehehe, but I had been looking for them for a while (didn't buy these at the market, bought these yesterday in Camberwell), they're just so RED and in this pick Bryn is wearing overalls Erik used to wear with a very similar, but navy, pair of shoes - memmmmmmries!

Ok, The rest of these pics are from my visit to Amanda's yesterday. Bryn and Laurent are two months apart in age, and while they seem to have fairly different personalities and approaches to life, they seem to get along really well (so far, being that there is still another 1.5 years until the social age, hahaha)...

The light in Amanda's back room is AMAZING!!! Nearly every photo I took came out well! And she has some awesome props too, my fave being the gorgeous velvet lounge, yummo! Amanda, I hope you new house has lighting as good as this!

This is Bryn saying "Dog" (or "Gog" as the case would be), he is convinced the ram he's holding is a dog... Well, he hasn't actually ever seen a ram, so I guess it's not surprising...


Laurent is fasicnated with green straws, and his mum assures me that if he is unsettled while out and about, locating a green straw will soothe him!

You're supposed to eat the hot cross bun, and play with the donkey... Not the other way around, La...

I actually think this photo is more ALIVE in b/w...

Yum! Jam toast!

Mum, and her children, furry, and those who just think they are...

It's nearly a smile!

This is La on his dad's playhorse, I REALLY like this shot!

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Amanda O. said...

Oh those turned out beautifully Sif!(Though with such two such gorgeous models, how could they be otherwise?) ;-) Seriously though, I esp like the one of L on Bijou and the one of B standing on the dogbed looking at Tache on the couch! The next time you're over here I'll have to burn them to disk to print!

Good Job!