Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The effects of Mercury retrograde Feb.13th to Mar. 7th....

Ok, someone pointed out that alot of people we know seem to be going through relationship issues lately and maybe it is something in the stars... This reminded me of Mercury Retrograde action (always brings about some nasty surprises, hahaha)... So, I had a look... Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, and the first phase just ended a week ago, so it crossed during late Aquarius/early Pisces, and so it affects each of us according to where late Aquarius/early Pisces sits in our individual natal charts, often this period is in one house of our natal chart, but for some people, like me, it sits right on the edge of two houses, in my case late Aquarius goes to the cusp of the 4th house, and early Pisces begins at the cusp of the 5th house.

The following is how this last retrograde affected me, internally, in those houses, the true affect is a blend of both readings.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius/Pisces impacting your 4th house � The 4th house rules home, family and your emotional base. With the Mercury retrograde impacting your home environment, there may be changes in your environment that help you to have more compassion with others and the shifts in their home environment will bring you closer to a new group of people. You have a real sensitivity with others as your emotional base is aligned with similar securities felt with other people. You will understand how important this connection is in the transitions of this year. You align yourself favorably with others and can put yourself in others shoes easily. With this natural emotional sensitivity connected to others, you will be prompted to give others a home environment in which emotional security is an import basic need and requirement. Changes and adjustments within your home environment will be the outcome of this Mercury retrograde as new and different emotions are brought into your environment. Your humanitarian goals will kick into gear this year as you recognize the gifts that you give because of your natural understanding.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius/Pisces impacting your 5th house � The 5th house relates to expression and creativity. You have a way to help design for the group of humanity that needs your self expression. You say the things that need to be said for the voiceless people around you and bring forward the information that takes shape as music, art, design, movies and other creative projects. You have a knack for understanding the desires of humanity and you want to bring this information to the level of understanding that brings a message into reality. You are sensitive to others and to the idea that people are different and they need to be understood. You have the opportunity during this Mercury retrograde to move into alignment with a new group of people with a new message. Changes and adjustments within your creative expression will be the outcome of this Mercury retrograde as new and different ideas prompt new and different expression. You eagerly take this message and create the expression needed.

And now how I was affected externally...

SAGITTARIUS � Mercury retrograde is revising your focus of your home environment, emotional base and family setting and brings changes into your perspective with events prompting changes, adjustment and revision of your future direction and your corresponding attitude. Because Jupiter is also in your sign, you will begin to realize that yet another adventure is in store for you with a change in your home environment and change according to your family. The changes that energy with Mercury retrograde bring in a whole shift of focus and require that you change your attitude, perspective and look into a new direction. You may begin to see that your home environment needs to change to open up to the opportunities that are emerging this year and the impetus that you get at this time will begin to push you to look into new directions. You will be exploring new and different ideas and will be pushed more than you may want to be at this time, but situations are becoming stronger and stronger for you to make these adjustments sooner than you thought.

Wow, ok, yeah, I can see this... Scarily, this could refer to Dave and I splitting up, but it could also refer to the move we've planned to move closer to the boys' school, to reduce a number of stresses, which I'm ultimately hoping will mean Dave being open to having another baby! Sooner than I expect. Does this mean we might move before August, I'd love that...

It could also be referring to my understanding now that there is no more time for just sitting around hoping Dave will deal with himself, or that our relationship will move forward, I now realise I need to be clear with my boundaries and prepared to take a stand to effect the necessary change.

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