Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lovely comment..

Was doing a spot of grocery shopping on the way to pick up my boys from school. Went through the check out of a lady Dave and I have gotten to know over the past 10 years of living in this area. We only know her as a check out lady, not socially, but we have small talk with her... So, anyway, went through her checkout last week, and she didn't chat, which I noted but didn't think much of because she's a very busy person and might just have been preoccupied, but today she talked! Today, she said, "What have you been doing??? You've lost so much weight, I saw you last week and thought, I'm sure I've seen that lady before, but I didn't recognise you and today you smiled and I realised who you were, you look great!" Wasn't that lovely?! Haven't had that happen before.

Also met a girl at my photography class last week, we were sharing the teacher's tripod together, and ended up a distance off from the others (getting a better vantage spot on the street) and so on the way back to the classroom we were chatting (well, she was asking me a bunch of questions and I was answering them in my typically "too shy to strike up a conversation with a virtual stranger" style)... She asked if I'd done any other photography courses, which I said I hadn't. It turns out she's done a portrait course with another tutor, which she told me about, and which sounds great and starts on the 30th of May and which I'm now planning on doing - it's for portrait photography, yay!

THEN I mentioned to her that I'm legally blind and have monoscopic vision and it turns out she's the same! Not exactly the same, she can see something out of her weaker eye, but it's all blurry, so basically she has similar depth perception issues as me, and she also can't watch 3D stuff, hahaha! How cool was that!

So, anyway, the portrait course she told me about is very cool. Only 5 sessions, one of which is a shoot at Molsalvat in Eltham... By portrait I don't mean people sitting and posing in front of a bland background, but rather the art of photographing people! I'm very excited about doing this!

I was trying to get some pics of Bryn today using the Manual setting. I feel I understand what is required so much more now. Unfortunately I've come to understand the limitations of the equipment I have too... I really do need to get a tripod, and probably a good lense that lets in more light without slowing the shutter speed down so damned much indoors... Now I also understand about using flash and those white umbrella thingies, hehehe... I can see I'll be investing in the future (as soon as finances will allow)...

On the writing front... Bought a British writer's magasine yesterday and have been pouring over it. Really need to put some thoughts down, but not here and now... I think I have something I need to tell, but finding a way to tell is the hard part for me... The magasine was good though, got the juices running and got me thinking in the right mode...

Knitting has fully stalled though. Have lost my 100cm 4mm needle, and have two projects stuck waiting for me to find the needle, argh! Have had some ideas for embellishments so will have to put them down so I don't forget them...

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