Friday, March 30, 2007

Winter Woolies!

Time for something a bit more warm and fuzzy, quite literally!

Here's Bryn wearing a jacket I bought for him at the Kids and Babies market last Sunday for $3. I know, it's very pink, but isn't it LOVELY. and doesn't his skin just GLOW in it??? He's also sporting some knitted cargo pants by Katy at Knitterbug - I LOVE these, and was so excited when it was cold enough this morning to put them on!

And one more pic, just because he is sooooo gorgeous!

And Amanda, these are for Laurent! I know you didn't ask for a hat, but I just wanted to (and if you don't like it, it's looks great on Bryn, hehehe!

Jen, these are the pants I started at your place yesterday morning, finished them this morning, and did the hat this afternoon and this evening (in between EVERYTHING else we mums have to do, hahaha)...

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Amanda O. said...

OMG they're GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to put them on him... they're the perfect shade and tone to go with the goldenrod sweater, the cream cable one and the brick-red jacket I got L at the market the other day!!! *sqeeks* Thank you so much for the hat also! I'm going to have to have him wear it to the flower and garden show, he'll look like a little sprout in green! :-) :-) :-)

(I still can't believe how fast you are... I'd started a hat for L this morning and I'm on, like the 15th row of the brim! LOL Pants and a hat would take me *mumble mumble* months...X_X')

Looks like Bryn has decided the fur trim on his hood isn't so bad after all! I reckon the bright shade of pink on the fur actually is the best shade on him, or the orange, moreso than the lighter pinks. JMO tho of course!

Good Job!