Sunday, May 06, 2007

Erik and Luey, bits and pieces...

A couple of anecdotes about Erik and Luey...

Erik first; Dave just told me this story... Apparently Erik wants to let his friend Matilda know how much he loves her (he has a long standing crush)... And so he's drawn a picture to express his appreciation of their friendship. The picture goes something like this: Matilda is drawn in the image of an angel, and Erik is drawn in the image of a devil, connecting them is a line with a heart in the middle of it... Now, I could go into the subtle meanings of all this, but I'm not sure Erik is aware of what those images can mean, so I'll leave it alone.

Erik has been talking a lot about heaven and hell lately, and is apparently convinced that if he were to die now he would go to hell. I've explained that in the Christian understanding of heaven and hell, all he need do is ask forgiven honestly and he won't go to hell. I've also explained that many people, myself included, don't believe in the existence of hell except in the mind. Maybe this is too abstract for him, but then again, if he's asking he must be somewhat aware, I guess...

Luey; well, this chappy is very keen to do a sports clinic being run for the p-2 classes at school this , term... We were too short of money to enrol him before this coming week, but have discovered that the clinic started last week, so we aren't sure he will be able to join now, but we're going to ask. Dave had asked him if he still wanted to do the clinic, and Luey told him he did, and that 5 boys from his class (four of whom he regularly plays with) are doing it. Dave asked if he wanted to do it because they were doing it, or if he wanted to do it to learn about the three sports being introduced. Luey thought about it, and replied, "I want to do because the other boys are doing, but I also want to do it because I want to learn those sports"... I thought that was a surprisingly honest and mature, and self-aware response from a 5 year!

In other news about Luey... I started giving the boys some fish oil tablets at the beginning of this term on a recommendation from Jennifer, to see if it helped with their restlessness at school, and also to see if it had any effect on Luey tendency toward tantrums (something he started around the age of four)... Well, it certainly has made a difference to the restless, and reports from their teachers have been mostly positive, certainly all positive from Luey's teacher. However, this past week saw Luey have daily tantrums about everything.

  • He didn't want to wear his raincoat (it was pissing down), because it wouldn't look good.
  • He didn't want to take the 700 bus on the "walk to school" day.
  • He wanted us to compensate him for the 20 cents he put in the $1/$2 skills tester, after we warned him that he wouldn't get his 20c back and it wasn't enough to use the skills tester.
  • He didn't want soup for dinner.
  • He didn't want salad with his kebabs.
  • He didn't want baked beans on his toast.
  • He WANTED 2 minute noodles every night for dinner this week.
  • He wanted to press all the buttons on all the buses and all the street lights this week.
  • He didn't want Erik to press any buttons.
  • He wanted to go to the corner shop with dad.
  • He didn't want to go to the corner shop with dad, when he was offered the opportunity.
  • He didn't want to have a bath.
  • He wanted a bath, NOW!
And the list went on, and on, and on... Two year old tantrums? Bah-humbug! Setting up the environment to avoid tantrums, double bah-humbug! Believe me, it IS worse when they are bigger and you think they have, at least, a rudimentary understanding of rationality, LOL... This too shall pass...

Luey is a VERY emotionally and socially aware child. He is very happy to tell Dave and myself exactly what we should and shouldn't do as parents; what our responsibilities are, when we're being mean, when we may or may not talk to him, "in that tone". "Don't call me THAT!", "You are not allowed to touch my body without my permission!", "You HAVE to listen to me!", "You HAVE to wait for me!" etc. and so on... We armed him with all of this of course, we told him what our responsibilities to him were, and what his rights were... Sometimes, I think we needed to put a little more emphasis on what HIS responsibilities and OUR rights were... Hmmm...

He is still my gorgeous, golden haired boy, but BOY sometimes it can be hard to be around someone who is always more than happy to tell you where you're going wrong...

Oh, and my brain is such a sieve these days, did I tell you about Erik hearing angels? Apparently, a few days after I started the boys on the fish oil, Erik comes and tells me the tablets are great and he feels a lot calmer, BUT now when he writes he hears this high pitched humming sound (yep, sounds like tinitus)... It's in both ears, and ONLY when he writes... I occassionally get Tinitusin one ear, and have always thought it was angels talking to me - kind of like an oracle, letting me know when I'm on the right track... Anyway, I forgot about this until I talked to my friend Sue, who is into all the same metaphysical stuff I'm into. She consulted Erik's higher self, and was told, the fish oil had helped to still his mind enough to help him hear his higher self speaking to him. His higher self spoke to him when he wrote because he has a gift for automatic writing (we all do it, some people just call it a Muse or Inspiration)... A couple of weeks later, Erik told me the sound now happens when his teacher talks... I told him to let me know if the sound started happening a lot or if he noticed he couldn't understand what people were saying (don't want it to be him going deaf and me just ignoring it because I like the idea of angels talking to him)...


Juniper said...

Your list of tantrum reasons made me laugh Sif! Cause we still deal with this with our 7yr old! And I agree, they seem *worse* when they are older - argh!!!

Also started the fish oil a couple of days ago - will try to put an update on my blog tonight!

Sif Dal said...

LOL, that list was for you, Jen, I knew you'd appreciate it, hehehe!

Good Job!