Sunday, May 13, 2007

Family Tree

Mum rang just before and had found links online to family members, name her great great grandfather, and her great grandfather (the father of the formiddable woman I posted a pic off last month)...

Information on my Great great great Grandfather; Helgi Helgason can be found
here. The wikipedia article is incorrect in saying he went to live with his brother Sigurdur Helgason because this was, in fact, his son, my Langamma's father. The article doesn't mention that GGG Grandad was also a carpenter, architect, violin/piona/pipe organ and accordian smith of some note. He also painted.

His son became another song writer.

My Langamma did not go into the arts as much - she was more a business woman - however her son, my grandfather Haradur Adolfsson, also built one piano, worked in theatre, played music, sang, was a wig maker and so on...

GGG Grandad's brother's name was Jónas, which just happens to be Bryn's middle name - how is that for serendipity!

Anyway, thought I'd post some pics...

Helgi Helgason b. 23rd January my Langamma's birthday) 1838, d. 14th December (my birthday!) 1922.

(Helgi - he actually had his father's first name, though he never went by it to save confusion) Sigurður Helgason

Sigriður Sigurðardottir (aka Sita Dal) b. 23rd January 1895 - d. 2-th June 1988.

I tried to find some reference to when GG Grandad was born and died, but can't find anything... Have to ask someone...

My Grandfather (Haraldur Adolfsson - next in line) was born 2oth February 1923 (I think), and died in early April (4th?) 1983.

My mum (Sigriður Haraldsdottir, ka Yr Ham - next in line) was born 16th August (Bryn's birthday) 1950, and is still well and truly alive!

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