Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two questions...

Can something NOT physical be taken from you without you giving it up?

Is losing you life the worst thing that can happen, and would it be worth giving up for "a greater cause" (ie. to make a gain for other people, including you loved ones)?


casso said...

Damn it, I was hoping someone else would answer so I could check out what they'd say. :o) But hey, I'll jump in to be first.

1.) I think you can - your humour can be taken from you by things such as working hard, lack of sleep, focusing on another aspect of life really hard. I also think ove can be taken from you by another's actions. You may WANT to love them but their actions may mean you cannot love them (and not just romantic love - I feel this way about my brother).

2.) Absolutely depends on what you believe happens after death. Suicide bombers obviously don't believe so. ;o) I don't know what happens after death and therefore I don't want to give it up for a greater cause because I love Jimbo and Harry too much to leave them for whatever reason. However having said that, if the reason I had to lay down my life was to do with them (eg: they lived because I died kind of thing) then I would do it. Does that make sense?

Cheers, Cass

Sif Dal said...

Ok, so regarding question 1...

Though such things as humour and love can be diminished or even erradicated by another's action, can you CHOOSE to override those losses with compassion, or by consciously working at maintaining humour. Can consciousness override natural inclinations to lose humour and love. And when humour and love are lost, can that be a conscious or sub-conscious mechanism CHOOSING to give those things up to conserve energy?

casso said...

I do believe that consciousness can allow you to choose a certain state of mind over another (as in the Buddhist approach to emotions) but I do think physical exertion can take its toll.

Oh dear, Harry is home again with Jimbo, so will try to get back on tomorrow to discuss.

Good Job!