Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vision board...

Ok, last night I sat down at the dining table with my scrapbooking supplies and made up some panels for my vision board (which might end up being a vision wall at the rate I'm going, LOL)...

This first board is for my daughter, or daughters - I'm open to the possibility of having twins (Kate, if you read this, don't groan, I know I'm naive, but well the way I've been feeling lately, and instant family of five kids might well be worth the hard slog for me).... This one was a hard one to do, and I found myself putting it face down as I worked on the other panels because I didn't want to be in Dave's face about it, but by the end of the evening I had thought myself out of that hole - this is my dream, he already knows that. I have to be honest with him about it. As I told him last week, the one of us who wants their dream more will get it, and somehow the other one will come to an acceptance of that and be happy to support the person with the strongest dream. It could equally be me coming to an acceptance of no more children, as him coming to an acceptance of more children, only time will tell, but right now I'm holding fast to that dream!

I've put my chosen names at the top of the panel.

Sóley Dís, pron. So-lay Deese - nn. Sóley or Lea (Lay-a) Meaning, Sun-Luck-Goddess

Sóldís Mist, pron. Sole-Deese Mist - nn. Dísa (Deesa) Meaning, Sun-Goddess-Lost (Mist was one of the Goddesses who turned the wheel that opened the dorr to Valhalla)

I do realise the names seem very similar, and they are for good reason, I love both names Sóley and Sóldís for they meanings, they connection to the Sun and the meaning of Luck and Goddess. Because I just love the sound of the name Sóley, I have to use that, but I also love the nn. Dísa (meaning Goddess), so I wanted to be able to use that too if I did happen to have twin girls... Don´t ask me about my fixation on twin girls, I´ve had that since well before ever having children -maybe I was one of twin girls in a past life!

This panel has to do with the material things I am ordering for my life - I really like the concept of placing orders to the Universe. The idea that when you make a statement about your perception of the world, you are in fact placing an order for how you want the world to be. So, this is my order. Dave and I are going to get our 7 seater car, and I can really feel this one is already coming together, which is very exciting! We are also going to get a new freezer-fridge to replace our old-new one which died about three months ago now. While we don´t need a new washing machine immediately it is also a priority as our current washing machine stalls all the time and is a major cause for frustration because of that. The hard one for me to wrap my head around, but I´m working on it, is manifesting a family trip to Iceland. I would like the trip to be for Dave, myself and the kids, but also for my mum and stepdad and for my brother if he wants to come along. I know my mum would REALLY love to get to Iceland (probably more than me), and so I would like to be able to do that for her and soon!

I´d completed those three sections of this panel pretty easily, and only after a bit of thought realised that financial freedom was the key to all of this. Clearing away our debt and organising some savings was key to realising these goals, so have added Financial Freedom to the panel as well.

This panel about our house was what began the work on the Vision Board. After finding that house yesterday, and realising how close we are to finding the perfect place at the perfect time, I decided to grasp that feeling and put it on paper so I can remind myself daily of what we are working towards. At this point this is a rental property, because it is something we want this year. I´ve liquified where I stated what suburb I´m manifesting. Each star represents a detail the house has to have. In large letters at the bottom I´ve written AFFORDABLE. I also thought I was clever because I remembered to put 'In a quiet street with NICE neighbours'!

The final panel I finished last night has to do with mine and Dave´s relationship. Rekindling the relationship we had in the first couple of years of being together, as in the sexual connection we had then. We have a pretty close connection now, which is affectionate, but unfortunately there is just no sex - but even as I speak the Universe is shifting to change that so that we again regain the connection we used to have!

This is the board all put together. The space at the top is going to be filled with My Work. That is my Master of Writing, the book I´m developing, and the Theta work I want to get into practicing...

So, there you go, lots of exciting things will be happening in my life in the not too distant future!


Leah said...

how much fun are these??!! I think I want to do physical boards now myself!! :)

katef said...

Oh you are definitely manifesting twin girls in that first one... I see SO many 'doubles' ;) And if you haven't noticed I have become less jaded about having twins recently... still don't know that it is something that I would have wished for (even if things had been better for us in the beginning) but I am in a happier place now and can see the good stuff and know that it could be the perfect ideal for others! Plus now I am selfish and would love to have someone else sane to share with!

I love all your boards... every time I see someone elses I get inspired to do one for myself, just have to manifest the time. Hey we should have a 'vision board' party and all work on them together some time!

Sif Dal said...

Oh yeah! A vision board party!!! (there's a business idea!!!)

That would be fun! I'd be happy to host something like that! Who wants to come???

Rachael said...

I'm very impressed, by both your ability to carve out the time to make all those, as well as your unfaltering belief in the universe that you may ask, and then receive.

This is a concept not lost on me, but of course part of the problem is really discovering our hearts desires - I have far too many for one lifetime methinks!

Juniper said...

Good on you Sif, they look fab! I am a bit like you stitch sista, not sure exactly *what* I want LOL!

Actually, I think I accidently manifested my recent pregnancy, that was just an "idea" that I was in denial about for a long time LOL!

Sif Dal said...

Oh, knowing what you want is REALLY hard, and after having Bryn it really took me about 18 months to figure out the answer to "What Next", and to be honest, I haven't decided that so much as it's been told to me - through various channels!

Juniper, I sooooooo manifested this baby! Hahahaha! For three months before you got pregnant I was WAITING for you to tell me you were pregnant! I was so sure it was going to happen, LOL! But remember, children choose their parents, so you manifesting this baby doesn't mean the baby was completely your creation, but rather you and the baby (and um, one other person, LOL) CO-created this bub!

Good Job!