Sunday, June 10, 2007

How did I get this lucky? OR My wonderful baby boy!!!

Bryn said something amazing last night, that I was going to post about this morning, but you wouldn't credit it! I've forgotten what it was. There's a good reason I've forgotten though, I've been blown away by this boy so much in the past 15 hours, whatever it was has probably been pushed out of my consciousness.

Bryn had a very, very short nap yesterday afternoon, and so last night I was prepared that he'd be overtired and would sleep very restlessly. He fell asleep on the boob in the loungeroom at about 8pm, and I transferred him to our bed, fully expecting him to stir, but instead he just turned over and continued to sleep, GREAT! He does do that sometimes too...

Went out into the loungeroom and said to Dave to not be surprised if he woke in an hour's time... I sat at the computer, too on edge to do any work, just surfing the net - this has become my pattern over the past few months because usually just as I'm getting into some work, he'd wake - the hours ticked by.

By 11pm I was starting to feel a bit concerned, I had to say! Dave and I kept exchanging those incredulous raised eyebrow looks of parents who just can't believe this is THEIR child sleeping for hours on end at a time when he's usually scurrying around the livingroom in an overtired haze...

At 11.30pm, I was just heading out to the loo, before heading off to bed, and Dave was saying how he was keen to look in on Bryn himself just to reassure himself the boy was ok, when Bryn stirred. Dave went in to him until I got back from the loo. Bryn was sitting up, and I climbed into bed, just as Dave asked if I had water bottles handy. As he said that, Bryn started pushing me away (from trying to hug him) and saying, "No, no, no, no, no, no!" Dave thought it was because he'd mentioned the bottles, but I totally didn't get that impression. I asked Bryn what was the matter, and what did he want. He said, "Boh bobby" Which is his way of saying bottle. So I gave him a bottle of water and he guzzled the water down! He was obviously very thirsty - our dinner had been a bit salty.

Then he laid down, and sweetly said, "Meh?" I said that meh was asleep just like Erik and Luey and Daddy and Mommy and Bryn. He started trying to put his hand in my pj top, so I introduced the concept of "touch a meh". I used to do this with Luey because meh was such a source of comfort for Luey and he had been quite upset by the nightweaning, so I said Luey could "touch a meh" but not drink a meh. Last night I taught Bryn about "touch a meh" and he got the concept straight away. And went right to sleep, no protest!

He woke three more times last night before waking for the day at 9.30am! Each time, he would ask for Boh bobby, and then "touch a meh", putting one or both his hands between my breasts until he was fast asleep, when he'd usually turn over in his sleep. There was no upset or angry crying last night at all!

I'm not going to be naive enough to suggest he was "ready" to nightwean, I think he could have very happily continued feeding through the night. I'm also very aware that just because last night was straightforward and he seemed to be fine with not feeding, that that doesn't mean tonight, or next week, he might not get upset about not being able to breastfeed through the night. But, man! How did I get a little guy who seems to "get" this, and is ok with it (at least for now)??? Bryn is NOT shy about demanding what he wants, so I'm certain if he felt really hard done by he'd let me know, but for some reason (maybe the gods are smiling on me) he's taking this in his stride and seemed content with water from a bottle and to be able to "touch a meh"...

Ok, and finally, just to prove how brilliant he is, he woke up all smiles again, had a big feed, then asked for his Boh bobby, and had some water out of that too, and then put his hand on the base of the bottle and said, "Fwat!" (flat)... I didn't realise he knew what "flat" was, we've never talked about the concept of flat, so don't know where he picked that one up! Aw, he's gorgeous!

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Rachael said...

How wonderful!! Smart little thing!

Well honestly we had a similarly easy nightweaning experience. I think it took 2 nights, perhaps 3, but F slept through the night ever since. (oh except last night but that's another story :P)

So this may just be it!

Good Job!