Saturday, June 09, 2007

Our first night of nightweaning...

Ok, if you're philosophically opposed to nightweaning at any age, I totally understand if you don't want to read this. I'm posting to reflect on it for myself.

Ok, so we ended up going to bed early last night for me. We both went to bed at 9pm because I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Bryn had a feed and then we went to sleep. I'd talked to him about how when Bryn and Mommy and Daddy and Erik and Luey went to sleep, meh went to sleep, too. I honestly don't think he knew what I was talking about, but I felt it only fair to talk about it ahead of time.

So, I reckon a couple of hours later he woke up.

I offered him water, which immediately alerted him to the fact he wasn't being offered meh. He wasn't happy about that, and in fact, he got pretty mad. I offered him hugs, but he didn't want hugs, so I ended up stroking his face and hair and talking to him quietly while he expressed his anger. about 15 minutes or so later he went to sleep.

A while later he woke and whimpered a bit, and I stroked his back and he went back to sleep.

A while later he woke and wriggled around, getting a better position on my pillow, then went back to sleep.

The a couple of hours later he woke, and again got quite upset and angry, and I thought he might also be cold, so I tried to put his blanket up to his back and that REALLY pissed him off, so I apologised for that, and basically found myself apologising for not giving him meh (as in in my head that was what I was actually apologising for, but not saying those words to him). He went back to sleep after another 15 minutes or so.

Some time later he stirred and whimpered a bit and then went back to sleep with me hugging him.

A couple of hours later he woke, and went to have another big cry and this time, it occurred to me to not avoid the "M" word, and to just explain it to him again, so I quietly said, "Bubbadoo, it's still nighttime and You and Mommy and daddy and Erik and Luey and Meh are all sleeping...", he immediately stopped protesting, turned over and went to sleep! I wished I'd been brave enough to talk about it earlier, but I thought it would upset him more.

The next time he woke up it was morning. He sat up, grinned and exlaimed, "Meh!". He had a big full feed on both side, the whole time telling me how he loved his meh, and how he had missed them. Then he kissed them!

He's been fine this morning, had three feeds (pretty normal for him when we're home)...

You might be wondering why Dave isn't comforting Bryn at night, as we did with Luey when we nightweaned him. Well, basically because Dave hasn't slept in our bed much at all since Bryn was born, and I think it would be more disorienting to Bryn to suddenly be sleeping with Dave and being soothed by him in the night, while I slept in another room. I think that would upset him a lot more.


Ish said...

Sounds like it is going well and I dare say he understands a tad more then he has been given credit for;) Hope Meh continue to sleep well and you all do too:D

Leah said...

First night down, hopefully not many to go!! Here's to lots of lovely cuddles and more settled nights ...

Good Job!