Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goodbye July...

This was the view out of my kitchen window at about twenty to six tonight... It got me thinking that it was the last Sunset of this July month for 2007 and that it was a calender month that many of my friends will not be sorry to see the end of. The saying goes, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight..." which means that when the Sun casts a gorgeous red Sunset, like this one, it is heralding the coming of a gorgeous Sunny day the next day... Let's hope this bodes well for the month of August!!!

For me, the coming of August is a wonderful thing! Bryn turns two at the middle of the month, and towards the end of the month we should be hearing the wonderful news of the arrival of baby Juniper!!!

As well as this, August is the last month of Winter, and so it just HAS to get warmer, and the days will get longer and brighter, and with that I'm expecting that warm Spring breeze, scented with Jasmine that will lighten everyone's heart!!!

So, Goodbye July, and a warm welcome to August!

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