Saturday, July 28, 2007

Iambic Monometer

So, at some point I have to actually START my studies. I've been reading about poetry in the past couple of days, trying to get some basics understanding of the terms and so forth. For the first weekly exercise (which we submit monthly for assessment), I have to write a poem, any style, any length on the subject of poetry... Now having read all the exercises I know I have to do this very exercise at the end of this unit, to so the lecturer (and I) can compare the two poems and hopefully see a progression...

So, I chose to write in Iambic (walking meter, Duh-dum) monometer, so one Iamb per line... This is what I've come up with...

I'm tense
I write
I think
This stinks
Two beats
Some Rhyme
Might work
This time
All new
Must learn
To write
With style
A verse
A theme
It seems
Too hard
No Bard
Am I
I like
To read
To hear
Not write
I fear
That gene
I lack
It seems

So, there you go, my first ever attempt at "real" poetry... Please remember the adage - if you have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up! I'm far too sensitive at this point for constructive criticism...


Leah said...

well I enjoyed it (and I'm not a poetry enjoyer as a general rule!). You are gonna have fun with this :)

Sif Dal said...

Ah, thanks! You're so kind! Looks like others thought it best not to comment, pmsl! That ok, incentive to work on it more!!!

Rae said...

Well I don't have any criticism- I just plain liked it. Not at all wanky and it was a pleasure to read!

Amanda O. said...

I think it's honest. I'm not sure if that's the comment you were looking for but here's my thought: Too many people who try to write poetry either write something like they think poetry ought to be (lyric epics, grand romantic victorian high tragedy etc) or they're so up themselves they try to prove they're superior by using very esoteric topics and styles no one understands but no one has the courage to point out it's nonsense lest they be shown too stupid to understand what the artist was saying. Most people today don't read poetry because they think you have to have multiple degrees in English Lit to do get anything from it. I liked the fact that it was something real and relevant you were writing about (frusteration with the assignment, with yourself and your uncertainty about producing a good poem etc). It's human and something most people can relate to yk?

Jayne said...

I think it's good :) And it's much better than my laughable attempt at a sonnet which I'm way too embarrassed to post!

Good Job!