Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All the beautiful babies...

You know, it's no bloody wonder I'm so very clucky right now! I was thinking just now, as I photoshopped this photos just how BLESSED I am to be sorrounded by so many gorgeous little people to photograph! I had about 12 photos I wanted to post, for sometimes less is more, so here are my fave faves!

Baby L, 5 months.

Baby A's feet, 8 days old.

Baby L.

Baby M, 2 months old.

Baby A - is that a smile???

Baby A.

Baby K, 18 months old.


Ish said...

Awww how gorgeous having all these gorgeous little people around helps the cluckiness some times but enhances it others. I am so not going there right now so telling my mind just that lol

Juniper said...

Gorgeous photos Sif! Aren't kids just the best subject to photograph! Make sure you give me copies of BabyA!!!

Jayne said...

Oh just beautiful!

I am content to just admire other's bubs for now tho! :D

casso said...

Wow, you really ARE surrounded by them Sif! I'm with J though, I like to just look.

Amanda O. said...

Ohhhhhh.... so gorgeous! I love these photos Sif, they are just so precious! I'm torn between becoming more clucky and remembering that two La's would be twenty times the chaos! ;-p

Good Job!