Friday, August 10, 2007

Any way you cut it, he's a freaking genius!!!

Ok, just have to share this breaking news. This just happened and I'm going to be totally unabashedly bias, and say my child is a freaking genius!!! Bryn was pulling stuff out of my wallet, as is his habit, LOL, and he comes to me with one of the cards saying, "Mum, Pass! Mum, Pass!" so I look at the card and yep, it's my travel pass. Now, I'm not about to assume he READ the card, LOL. Truth is, with Dave asking me if I have my travel pass a million times a week, and me always looking for, and I'm also sure I've actually told Bryn in the past that that particular card is my travel pass, so I'm going to assume he's just picked that up by osmosis...

Anyhoo, then he shows me my keycard, and I tell him it's a key card to get money out of the bank with, and he shows me my medicare card, and I say it's a medicare card. Then he pulls out my Keypass ID card, which I NEVER use because it doesn't have my name on it (I only got it so I had enough ID to change my name, hahaha, so it was valid for all of 40 minutes)... He looks at it, and says, "Mum, Pass!", then he picks up the travel pass and says, "Mum, Pass, Mum, pass!" indicating the two cards are the same, like, "Looks, two passes"... Now, he might have realised the same word is print boldly on both cards and not on the other cards he looked at, or he might be going off the fact that they both have my photo on them, and the other two cards didn't, but whatever the case, he realised they were the same, and different from the other cards he'd looked at!

He's brilliant, I tell you, and every day he amazes me with just how brilliant he is!

In other news, I have two sick little boys here today. Not sick enough to be lethargic, but both coughing and spluttering and being hypersensitive and cranky and hot and cold, quite literally, but also figuratively!...


Juniper said...

Clever boy! No surprise there, he is a genius!

DS did this once when he was about 16mths, we were driving behind a truck that said "Fire Wood" on the back, and he kept calling out from the back seat "eeeyoh eeeyoh" like the sound that a fire engine makes! He kept saying it, followed by "twuck". Over and over till the truck turned off, and he said "bye bye Eeeeyoh". I was gobsmacked!

Sorry to hear you have some sickies! I personally can relate - argh!

Mr B said...

Genius, definately :-)

Oh sorry to hear your children are sick.

Amanda O. said...

It's just so surprising how much they absorb when you don't realize they're doing so and then they come out with it and wow you! A bit like La's 'counting' lately... ! Must be our brilliant parenting right! ;-p

Good Job!