Friday, August 31, 2007

The downs and now the UPS...

Counting the good stuff last night has seen me wake up this morning in a much more positive frame of mind. My period is finally over, and what's more I have fertile signs, again EARLY... Watery CM, mild O-pain, but still a negative OPK. Also I've measure 6.0 on the acid strips, which is much better than the overly alkaline 8.0 yesterday... Still not 4.5, but I've still got to get the info. from Cindy about what exactly she means by acid...

If I have another 22 day cycle, I'll have to start wondering if the universe isn't trying to fit in extra cycles for me to try to conceive with next year!

Reading Leah's blog from today, I'm thinking I really need to reconsider how I deal with the boys asking for stuff all the time, especially Erik. At the shopping centre the other day, Erik, Luey and I had a conversation which went something like:

Erik: Mum, can you please put some money in the skillstester and try and get one of the stuffed animals?
Me: No
Luey: Mum, can you please get me a smoothie from the smoothie lady?
Me: No
Erik: Mum, can you please let us have Maccas for dinner?
Me: NO!!! Now listen, you two HAVE to stop asking for stuff all the time, it's relentless and I just hate having to go through this EVERY tiime we're in here. I'm just going to say, "No" to anything you ask for from now on, ok? Get it?

I mean, all those requests were seriously back to back, even before the, "No" completely left my lips the next child was asking for something... But still, they still believe in, "Ask, and you shall receive" and I want them to believe that. I don't want them to start thinking there's no pointing asking for anything...

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