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A word from Lucy Baker today...

I am subscribed to Lucy Baker's email list, and received this this morning and thought it was something I should pass on! I can see myself in a number of those points, so something to work on there!

Having a great sense of self-esteem is necessary if you are truly here ti improve yourself in this life. With a healthy sense of self-esteem we can make the right choices in different aspects of our lives, such as relationships, health and our careers.

Doubt is one factor which leads to low self-esteem which can affect our abilities to succeed in the long run. If you want to know if you or other people close to you have started exhibiting any signs of low self-esteem you should take a careful look for any of the following symptoms:

Apprehension of any changes in life or any new experiences.

Need for perfection in everything and need to appear perfect to everyone they meet. Remember, we are either Control Freaks or Control Freaks in Recovery! Which are you? And how much fun are you to live with???

Always apologetic about everything they do whether it’s really their fault or not.

Talking negatively about themselves. People with low self-esteem are always putting themselves down by making unnecessary and negative statements.

Shows symptoms of addiction. People with low self-esteem tend to get affected by negative addictive behaviour and this addiction may be to substances or harmful habits.

Lack of individuality. People with such behaviouur show a complete lack of self-belief and often choose to follow others blindly instead of seeking their own paths. What passions did you used to have, that have slipped away because you are focused on outside of yourself nowadays? Is it time to redefine yourself and start being selfish in a good way again?

Unhappiness with their current status. Such people are always unhappy with what they have no matter how perfect their lives are. They fail to appreciate what they have with them and are always looking for more.

Put down behavior. People with low self-esteem often criticise others frequently in a bid to look better to people and feel better about whom they are.

People suffering from low self-esteem frequently lack energy to do anything else and find the smallest and simplest of chores inundating.

Over exaggeration of failures and problems in their lives.

Constantly feel hopeless and distraught about issues that they shouldn’t.

Tend to either neglect their appearances a great deal or focus too much on preening themselves constantly.

Never like to own up when they are wrong.

Constantly think about past mistakes instead of focusing on the present.

Always complaining about non-existent physical symptoms.

Find it difficult to resolve simple issues without involving other people.

If you see these signs in yourself or in other people it makes it easier to understand that you suffer from self-esteem. It is then up to you to find ways to help yourself or the other individual get the necessary courage to take care of their lives as well as their feelings.

Remember, Albert Einstein said on the subject of self-esteem that 'anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new'. Helen Keller - who booked herself the most challenging of lives - suggested that low self-esteem keeps us bullied into being a victim and adopting other people's views of the world rather than creating our own, when she said 'never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face!'

And, finally, in the words of Howard Thurman, 'Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.'

Make this week your rebirth week. God knows, you deserve it.


clelkaje said…
Hmm, I just emailed her this morning to say thanks for the emails (and check out her sched for Melbourne as I just missed her again). I like 'em.

Good to read of all your new life stuff Sif, nothing like Spring to sproing ourselves into positive action :)

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