Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jen's little boy is here!

The phone bellows like a cow
The time is finally here
All night life music
Slow paced with tempered breathing
New life struggles forth

A circle of women wait
Candles lit and thoughts flow out
Strength and Peace to her
Who cradles life in her womb
New life struggles forth

Finally, the wait is done
The phone bellows like a cow
The news is all good
Babe entered the world backwards
Another son born!

He was born at 1.30pm, at home, a suprise breech and he weighed a tiny 7lb 6oz - which makes him the smallest of Jen's babes! He was born 4 days before his EDD, and so he is a Leo - which is just fantastic as far as I'm concerned (having a little Leo munchkin of my own!)...

I cannot wait to meet him, there is no doubt he'll be utterly adorable!

While I was sitting around fidgeting, waiting to hear that bubs had arrived, I started the poem above, and wrote the third stanza after we got the sms from Jen :)...


Jayne said...

Lovely poem!! I love the "bellowed like a cow" bit. Nice use of metaphor (no offence Jen you are not the cow!)I love the feet too, did you take that Sif?

Sif Dal said...

"bellows like a cow" could be metaphorical, wish I was that clever, it actually refers to my sms ringtone, hahaha!

The photo isn't mine - wish it was!!! Maybe Jen will let me use her camera to take some pics like that of the bubba

Good Job!